Will you help our puppies and kittens get started on the right paw?

Dear Friends,

Spring and summer are by far the busiest seasons at the APA. It is when puppies and kittens are plentiful! If you visit us, you will see (and hear) them everywhere. These tiny beings are purrfectly adorable, but the reality is that it can be overwhelming. In the United States, puppies and kittens are born at a rate of 10 to 1 over human babies. While puppies and kittens are born all year round, many of our shelter partners across the state just cannot handle the number of pregnant and nursing mamas and their babies because of their long stays and high needs.  

At the APA, we are different. We can and do welcome every homeless or unwanted pet, especially if they have recently or are about to give birth. Thanks to you, we know we can give these puppies and kittens the start they deserve. Since the beginning of 2021, the APA has cared for 800 puppies, kittens and their mamas – many who came to us from overburdened shelters in Missouri. Like all newborns and recuperating mamas, they need special love and care to ensure they get started on the right paw. Over the 8 weeks they are in our care, the APA provides: 

  • Spay/neuter services  
  • All necessary vaccinations   
  • Deworming  
  • Medical care, regular and specialty for mamas and their littles nutritious food 
  • Socialization and exercise (all the snuggles!) 
  • Love and care from our incredible foster and adoptive families        

We are on track to welcome 700 more puppies and kittens this summer. Because we dedicate so much time and love to every litter, this season is one of the most expensive at the shelter. Every puppy, kitten, and mama require 10x the care of an adoptable adult dog or cat.  

Will you help us help them with a strong start in life before they join their forever families? A gift from you will go directly to keeping puppies and kittens safe, getting them healthy, and helping them find their families this summer. We need resources to do this unrelenting but wonderful work. Please help us keep puppy and kitten season the joyful time that it could (and should) be!  

To make a donation today, please click here. Thank you for your support!

With deep gratitude, 

Sarah Javier