We Are The Helpers

Even in the midst of a pandemic, inspirational stories of compassion and kindness abound – neighbors helping neighbors, signs of encouragement chalked on sidewalks, birthday parades through neighborhoods, uplifting messages of gratitude and hope written on the windows of hospital rooms, and so much more. It is within our nature to lift one another up, and together is the only way through this.

As Mr. Rogers taught us, always look for the helpers.

At the APA, we care deeply about animals. Sometimes caring about animals also means caring for their people, especially in moments like right now.

We were recently able to help Bluana and her family through a tough time. Like so many others, Bluana’s owner was laid off from his job due to COVID-19. Because Bluana is highly allergic to chicken and beef, she requires a special diet to remain healthy. Special diets can be expensive, and when facing a job loss and mounting expenses, prescription dog food can be out of reach. Bluana’s family stretched her dog food using cooked rice, but understood that was not sustainable, so with the help of people who care for them, they connected with the APA Pet Partners program for help.

The APA helped secure the dog food Bluana needed, and provided the family with a new collar, leash and bandana, as well. The entire family was grateful, including Bluana, who happily greeted our outreach coordinator, Savannah, and rolled over for belly rubs.

We are grateful we were able to connect with Bluana and her family. We understand that these are difficult times, and no matter what, we are here to help see one another through it. Nearly 100 years ago we made a commitment to help animals in need, and that commitment continues. We are the helpers, and the only way through this is together.

Since the stay-at-home order was issued for St. Louis, we have helped over 100 pets in crisis and their families. If you would like to help support our work during this time by giving to our COVID-19 relief fund, you can make a secure, online donation HERE.

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