Walk Your Age: Celebrate and Feel Great!

Kim, the COO of APA, shares her personal story with you on walking 40 dogs for her 40th!

Animal shelters across the nation are in crisis. So many are full beyond capacity with amazing, large breed dogs. The staff and volunteers work hard to provide walks and enrichment, but the need is great. We are dealing with a national animal welfare crisis that requires creative solutions. I decided to celebrate my milestone birthday by walking 40 dogs for my 40th, hoping to inspire people to adopt, volunteer, or donate.  

My birthday came, and I put on some comfy shoes and my 40th birthday crown (of course). I knew with the first dog, I wouldn’t want to celebrate any other way. It felt great to give back, do something good for my health, and share the day with so many deserving dogs. After 8 hours, 40 dogs, and 13 miles, I treated myself to a large ice cream and a shower. I felt a little like Forest Gump at this moment.  

I learned of other volunteers walking their age in dogs. One walked 50 dogs the week of her 50th and another 42 dogs over two days for her birthday. We all agreed it was a birthday gift to ourselves as well. You can walk in a single day, your birthday, week, or month. The APA wants to share this idea with the community and invite others to walk their age with celebratory dog walks!  

Some helpful things to know: 

  • Giving each dog a 10-minute walk is a speed of five dogs an hour, so do your math to estimate how long it will take you.  
  • Consider setting up an online fundraiser. I wasn’t going to do this until someone encouraged me to. I was amazed and grateful to raise $1,000 for the animals.  
  • Share photos with your contacts and inspire others to volunteer or adopt.   

If you are interested but still need to become an APA volunteer, contact our volunteer manager at volunteer@apamo.org. There is an initial volunteer application, orientation, and training that will help you get started. We and the dogs would love to celebrate with you!  

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