Like Making Things? Pets Love Homemade Items!

Look below for instructions, pictures and patterns for some of the items our animals like to use while staying at the shelter.

No-Sew Fleece Cat Bed

This is an easy project for any age. Our cats and kittens love ‘em!  They also make a great project for the Brownie Pets Badge. 
Contact for more information about earning the Brownie Pets Badge through the APA Adoption Center. Special thanks to the girls and leaders of Troop 2974!

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Sharp sewing or craft scissors
  • Ruler
  • Inexpensive tape or masking tape that doesn’t have much stick
  • Two pieces of 18” to 24” square fleece the same size per blanket – try mixing colors and prints for a festive look.

Steps to Make

1. Lay out fabric squares with the “best” side of the bottom piece facing down, and the best side of the top piece facing up.

2. On the top piece, line tape 4” from each edge as the “cut-to” line. Each corner will end up with a square where the tape crosses. Cut that square through both layers of fabric and discard the corners or use them for another project.

3. With the fabric still stacked and laying out flat, cut fringe around the edges through both layers. Cuts should be about one-inch apart and just to the tape line. You don’t need to be exact. Cut all the way around.

4. Starting at one corner, lift the first set of fringe (a tab from the top layer and a tab from the bottom layer) and tie the pieces together in a simple knot.

5. Peel off the tape when you are done. Your bed is ready for purring! Contact to arrange a visit to the APA!

Cat Quilts

Our kitties are not particular about the color or design on their quilts, so feel free to be creative with your materials. Ideally, the quilts will be very soft and made of fabric similar to a baby blanket or flannel. The quilts do need some light batting in-between the layers, which can be found at any fabric or craft store. The batting should be sewn to the fabric throughout the whole quilt, otherwise when it is washed the batting will bunch at one end of the quilt.

View instructional video


The “mice” do not have to be mouse shaped, so use your imagination! They can be circles, squares, balls, or triangles. The shape is not important. The inside of the “mouse” is stuffed with poly-fill and a bit of catnip. Our cats LOVE these toys. Just make sure the tail and other attachments are sewn on securely. Felt makes a terrific material for this project.

Download Pattern

Baby Socks

The baby sock cat toys are stuffed with batting and can have catnip in them. You might want to look for used socks from a thrift shop or do a “sock” drive. Feel free to color or decorate them with kid-safe magic markers.

Dog Scarves

Dog scarves need to be a 21” x 21” square that is then cut diagonally to make two triangles. Scarves can be decorated with kid safe magic marker if you want to get creative! The edges do not need to be hemmed, but they do need to be pinked to keep from unraveling.

View instructional video

When you are ready to bring your items in, please contact Jennifer Blome at 314.645.4610 ext. 120 or at


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