Valentine’s Day Fostering for the APA

Valentine's Day Fostering

Who can resist a little canoodling with a playful partner? Not us! And hopefully, not you. Let the APA give you a Valentine’s Day weekend fling you’ll never forget.

Instead of sifting through over-inflated online profiles, we invite you to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with a very worthy companion through our short-term fostering program. We’ll even pick up the tab, providing you everything you need – pet food, collar, leash, and litter box (if needed).


Here’s the deets —

  • Available pets 6 months and up are eligible for short-term fostering.
  • Volunteers will complete paper work and meet with our fostering match makers who will help select a pet for fostering.
  • Pet pick-up occurs on Friday, February 14th between 10am-6pm or Saturday, February 15th between 10am-4pm.
  • Pets should be returned on Sunday, February 16th between 10am-4pm or Monday, February 17th between 10am-6pm.

Ready for a fling? Contact us at (314) 645-4610 or stop by the APA.

The APA is located at 1705 S. Hanley Road, Brentwood, MO 63144.


FAQ about short-term fostering:

Are the animals vaccinated? Yes! We make sure every animal is vaccinated before leaving the APA. In addition, they have been microchipped and spayed/neutered.

Can I adopt the pet I foster? Absolutely! Every pet eligible to participate is also available for adoption. Our pets are pretty great, so if you fall in love, we can easily solidify your commitment.

Doesn’t it upset the pet to be out of the shelter for such a short time? Not at all. In fact, short breaks from the shelter are helpful and alleviate stress. Think of it kind of like a mini vacation from work — even a day or two can make a big difference! Studies like this one show many benefits to short-term fostering.

Do I need to buy food or supplies? We will provide everything you need, including food, a collar, a leash, and if fostering a cat, a litter box. If there is something else you feel would be helpful, just let us know. We do our best to make fostering as easy as possible.

What if I have a question once I get the pet home? You will receive an informational sheet that includes contact phone numbers and other helpful information. You are always welcome to call us with questions or if you need assistance.