The Roblee Foundation Supports SafeCare

We are pleased to announce that the Roblee Foundation has awarded a grant to the APA in support of our SafeCare program, a pet assistance program for victims of domestic violence.

SafeCare, the first and only program of its kind in the St. Louis area, began in 1998 to assist those leaving abusive homes. This program provides temporary boarding and care for pets, so victims of domestic violence can get to safety without leaving their pets behind in an unsafe environment.

A victim’s concern about the safety of a pet can delay or even prevent her/his escape from an abusive relationship. Studies show that domestic abusers often intentionally target pets to exert control over their partners. Approximately 40% of abused women stay in an abusive home because they refuse to leave their pets behind.

In many cases, victims of domestic violence may try to take their pets with them when they are able to leave the relationship, but find that their local domestic violence shelters do not accept pets. This is where the APA recognized the lifesaving urgency of this issue and established the SafeCare program—creating safe spaces for pets so that, ultimately, human victims will seek a safe space as well. We work with area domestic violence shelters and anti-violence agencies to provide a safe place for pets until they can be reunited with their families.

Since SafeCare was established in 1998, we have served hundreds of women and pets, demonstrating how important it is to provide protection and services for abuse victims and their animals. Through relationships with those who share our values of community and compassion, like the Roblee Foundation, we ensure our region, its families and their pets thrive. You can support our SafeCare prorgam too! Your gift will enhance the quality of life for both people and pets, cultivating a community that is kinder, healthier, and more connected. To make a secure online donation, click here.

Thank you, again, to the Roblee Foundation for sharing our passion and commitment to support those who love their pets.