“So Injured, But Still So Beautiful.”

**This post includes graphic photos that may be disturbing. We promise a happy ending.**


It has been said that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. For Barry, a 7-month old kitten, this could not be more true.

Barry recently came to the APA as a stray. In his young life, he faced hardships we can only imagine, including being badly burned over much of his body.

His skin was dry and painful, and the tips of his ears had melted from the burns. However, his spirit was unbroken, and his trust in the goodness of humans was unwavering. Even amid the pain, he never missed a chance to cuddle.

Thanks to the support of our Heads to Tails Hope Fund for cats, we treated Barry’s burns and gave him lots of TLC to help him with his recovery.

He still has a bit more healing to do, but we are happy to share that Barry has been adopted by a wonderful family. The two little girls who he sleeps with each night love him beyond words. He loves playing and napping with his cat brother, Larry.

Barry is resilient and loving. In the words of his 7-year old human sister, “He was so injured, but he’s still so beautiful.” We couldn’t agree more.

At the APA, we envision a world where every adoptable pet has a safe, loving home. We are grateful to members of the community who share this vision and support the work we do. Together we will help all adoptable pets like Barry find a their own beautiful destination.

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