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Surrendering a Pet

We understand that the decision to rehome is difficult. If one of the following issues is a key reason, the APA may be able to offer assistance.

Cost of Medical Care

The Heads to Tails Hope Fund provides needs-based financial assistance for veterinary care beyond routine procedures, including treatment, surgery, and medications.

Our Pet Partners program provides free vaccines, spay and neuter surgery, supplies, and other services for pets in and around North St. Louis County. If you are located outside our target outreach area and need assistance, contact our outreach coordinator for a referral.

Cost of Food & Supplies

The APA may be able to assist with a one-time supplement of food and other supplies. Support is based solely on current availability. Contact us for information.

Too Many Pets

We offer free spay and neuter services. If you are located outside our service area, and need assistance, contact our outreach coordinator for a referral. 

If you are caring for feral cats and need assistance with spay and neuter services, contact our outreach coordinator for assistance or a referral. 

Behavior Issues

Training strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It can also help with common problems and positively reinforce good behavior. Consider scheduling training at one of these nearby organizations:

Or, browse training resources, courtesy of our friends at Purina.

Rehoming Your Pet

Rehoming Yourself

If circumstances still require you to find a new home, it is often ideal if you first attempt to rehome the pet yourself rather than taking it to a shelter:

  • Rehome | Find Your Pet a HomeCheck with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Someone you already know may be willing to give them a home. 
  • Share online, but exercise caution with people you do not know. 
  • Rehome is a great tool where you can create a profile and have your pet featured on www.adoptapet.com. You can then review applications for people interested in adding your pet to their family.

Rehoming Via the APA

If you have exhausted these options, or have an urgent need, please contact the APA’s adoption desk at 314-645-4610. Making an appointment to surrender your pet helps us plan ahead, while reducing stress and time spent in the shelter. Please follow these guidelines:

  • You must have a photo ID to surrender a pet. 
  • If available, please bring your pet’s medical records. If your dog does not have a current distemper vaccine, we ask that you acquire one and wait at least 3 days. Current vaccines help your pet remain healthy so they can get adopted faster. 
  • All pets from outside of Missouri must have a health certificate from a veterinarian.
  • Complete a profile for your dog, or cat and bring it with you to your surrender appointment. 

Rehoming Fees

These fees help us care for your pet and get them ready for adoption. 

  • Single pet for St. Louis City or County resident: $30
  • Outside of St. Louis City or County: $40
  • Litter: $50

Note: if you have an urgent need or cannot pay the rehoming fee, the APA will work with you. We will not turn away an animal in need. 

Our Commitment

At the APA, every adoptable pet finds a home. We are committed to socially conscious sheltering, and there are circumstances where an animal is not a candidate for adoption. Our veterinarians may determine the animal is suffering and there is not a treatable way to restore quality of life. Furthermore, we cannot place animals with aggression issues that are dangerous to other members of the community. We love animals and are here to help. If you have additional questions or would like to speak with an adoption counselor, call 314-645-4510.

Contact Our Outreach Coordinator

We want to help. For assistance with any of the above, use the form below, or call 314-645-4510 and ask to speak with the outreach coordinator.

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