PAWsome Progress: Celebrating One Year of Success at APA Olivette with Heartwarming Alumni Stories

Join us as we continue the celebration of our one-year anniversary at APA Olivette! Over the past year, APA Olivette has witnessed a remarkable 2,093 adoptions. In the spirit of commemorating this milestone, we reached out to our APA Alumni, inviting them to share their touching stories with us.

Let’s delve into these heartwarming narratives and relish the positive impact of these adoptions.

“My daughter Hayley and I volunteered at PAC before APA takeover and fell in love with our big ol’ Boom. I never planned to get a cat; we were more so “dog people.” When hubby said no more dogs but agreed to a cat, we immediately rushed to APA when doors opened and snagged him as the first APA Olivette adoption. I am forever grateful we gave in and got our Boomy. He’s the sweetest addition to our family!”

“We adopted Leeroy (Seven) back in September after a very quick foster fail. The big boy has completed our family. He is the sweetest most loving boy. Our chihuahua became quickly attached as well. 🐶💜🐶

“Saga (couch) and her sissy Nalla. They are INSEPARABLE and have been since the day I adopted Saga. We are set to change how the world views Pit Bulls 🥰🥰🐾🐾.”

“Miss Sophia Fluffy Pants started out as a short term foster which became a forever. She’s about the sweetest kitten ever and fit it perfectly with our other cats. Oh the cuteness.”

“We fell in love with Coco the day her foster mom brought her by my house for a visit. She passed my two tests, my current pup of 10 years who is a bit cranky, and my grandson. She was and continues to be a big sweetie. Coco loves her yard, my grandson and her daily walks. She follows me around after I put on my walking shoes.”

“We adopted Coat and a hamster and are super happy with them! My 10 year old son refers to his hamster as his “personal hamster”. He tells him everything. And Coat, now Geordi, is just a lovable goof. He goes running with me and is my partner in all mischief. He took to RVing like a fish to water. His only worry is that the Chihuahuas won’t play with him, but he never gives up trying ❤️

“We adopted Kash over the summer! He loves playing ball, taking walks, and frolicking through our fields! He’s slowly becoming BFF’s with our cat, Leo. And he loves just being with his people! We are so lucky to have him.”

“We adopted Alfie (Honeysuckle), a foster fail who was so spicy and frightened when we fostered him for two months that we thought he’d end up a shelter lifer if we didn’t keep him. Yet a week after the adoption, he surprised us one morning by crawling into bed with us and flopping around and purring. He was suddenly so snuggly and lovey. It’s like some switch went off, and he suddenly understood that he was safe and loved. He has been such a gift to our household; we love him so much, and so do our cats. But we loved him long before he dared to love us.”

“I adopted Joey in October. My dog had passed away a month before and our home was feeling empty, and our other dog was very lonely. We initially went to another shelter and didn’t find a dog that fit our family so we decided to go home. As we were on our way home, I said oh yeah let’s check out the APA. Joey was greeting everyone who walked in and had so much personality. My daughter sat down on the floor, and he sat in her lap and started kissing her all over. I immediately knew he was the one! Then we were shocked to find out that Bissell was having a deal and to adopt Joey would only be $25. I didn’t even look at the other animals. Joey brings so much love and joy to our home and we’re so happy we just so happened to go to the APA instead of home that day.”

“We adopted Kelso in January, only two weeks after I started volunteering. He was my favorite dog to walk, and I looked forward to seeing him every visit. I couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing him again if he were to be adopted by someone else, so I brought my husband by to see Kelso on my husband’s birthday. Kelso melted into my husband’s lap, and that sealed the deal!”

“Pearl came as a foster at the end of April to recover from heartworm treatment with her housemate who was also recovering. They were abandoned together in a home after their people moved. She quickly fell in love with the kids. She’s spoiled rotten and stresses when the kids go to school in the morning, just laying waiting on them.”

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