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Abbigail, Betty, Katrina & Mr. Kitty, united July 14, 2017

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We love to share inspiring stories and help strengthen relationships well beyond adoption. Follow along to see what we’ve been up to.

Portion Control for Pets

By Savannah Rigley | February 3, 2021

While we at the APA don’t believe in #dietculture, we do know that your pet’s food intake is an important part of keeping them healthy. I know this from personal experience. My dog, Betty Boop, is a rescue who got returned to a rural shelter because of her appetite – for neighbor’s chickens. The shelter…

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Kids Can Help Animals, Too!

By APA Adoption Center | January 26, 2021

Animals and children have a special connection.  They teach each other about trust, communication, safety, and caring for others.   Children are naturally drawn to animals and animals often form quick bonds with children.  We have seen it happen many times when a family comes in to adopt that a child and pet bond almost instantly. …

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2020 Bright Spots

By APA Adoption Center | January 4, 2021

Dear Friends, While 2020 was a year with challenges, it was a great year for the pets at the APA. In addition to finding over 3,500 pets safe, loving homes, we helped thousands more through wellness programs and other initiatives. We are proud of our accomplishments over the past year and want to share them…

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Thanks to our Partners

By APA Adoption Center | January 1, 2021

Thank you to our Partners Our partners make a difference — their support makes it possible to do the important work of helping pets in need. We are grateful for their commitment to our mission and are proud to have them as part of our team.

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An APA Love Story

By APA Adoption Center | December 23, 2020

Some love stories are forever. You know the ones: a knowing and friendship so deep and so strong, it feels like it has always been.  This is one of those stories. It started like most meet-cutes: an accidental and instantaneous kind of love. It was 1999 and a couple walked into the Adoption Center, just…

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Bring Hope To Pets This Holiday Season

By Sarah Javier | December 17, 2020

This year just didn’t go as planned here at the APA. We were hoping to do more and better in 2020 (as we always strive to do), and much of the same: finding loving homes for deserving pets, providing affordable veterinary care in our clinic, and engaging learners in meaningful and fun educational programs.   What we ended up doing was SO…

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Shop Local. Support Local.

By APA Adoption Center | November 27, 2020

This year has been quite the year indeed. Despite the obvious challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued helping pets in need, finding homes for several thousand pets – 2,980 (and counting!) to be exact. We also helped keep people and pets together, distributing over 10,000 lbs. of pet food to families who are…

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Happy Birthday to the APA

By APA Adoption Center | October 19, 2020
A dog wearing a birthday hat

The APA is 98 years old, and we’re celebrating all year. Check back regularly for the latest events and activities. Updated 11.10.20 98th Birthday Cocktail Hour October 23, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. The APA Adoption Center invites you to join in the celebration of the APA’s 98 years of bringing people and pets together…

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Vaccines for cats explained by Dr. Dietsch

By APA Adoption Center | September 16, 2020
A cat sits on a colorful blanket

One of the easiest ways to keep your cats happy and healthy is to keep them up to date on vaccines. Why is it so important to vaccinate? Vaccines trigger the immune system to produce antibodies for a disease, so if there is an exposure to the disease, there is an immediate response to fight…

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Pets are especially vulnerable right now. Pets like Mimi.

By APA Adoption Center | July 29, 2020
Chain of Rocks Bridge

Mimi’s Story Mimi came to the APA after spending much of her six years of life in a small, dilapidated enclosure with limited human contact and only a plastic crate to shield her from the elements. She had heartworms, a persistent cough, two masses on her legs and one on her mammary. Mimi was placed…

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