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Abbigail, Betty, Katrina & Mr. Kitty, united July 14, 2017

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Press Release: APA Adoption Center Awarded $25,000 Grant from RedRover to House Pets of Domestic Violence Survivors

By APA Adoption Center | December 22, 2021

Saint Louis, MO – The Animal Protective Association (APA) of Missouri announced today a $25,000 grant award from RedRover’s Safe Housing Program, which will help expand its domestic violence survivor pet support program, SafeCare, at its Adoption Center on Hanley Road. The grant will cover construction costs of two dog kennels, expanding onsite capacity to…

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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

By Lauren Mirelli | December 21, 2021

While the holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, it can be a dangerous and stressful time of year for our pets. Here are some tips to help keep your furry loved ones safe, happy and healthy this holiday season. Foods to avoid: Chocolate – This sweet treat is poisonous to dogs and…

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Help bring hope to pets this holiday season

By Sarah Javier | December 14, 2021

“You’ve got heart.” We say it all the time around here at the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA). Sometimes it’s whispered as a promise to newly born puppies and kittens, too small and new to open their eyes (or ears). Sometimes it’s said as reassurance to scared or anxious pets, many who have traveled…

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Thanksgiving Food Tips for Pets

By Lauren Mirelli | November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! Here is a handy list of Thanksgiving foods not to feed your pets, as well as some foods that they can enjoy in moderation.Foods that are not safe for pets Turkey skin, drippings, and gravy Turkey bones Stuffing  Sage Raisins and grapes Onions Garlic  Paprika Nutmeg Nuts…

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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

By Lauren Mirelli | October 22, 2021

Halloween should be a fun, exciting and safe event for all, including our furry friends. Please keep the following safety tips in mind for your pets as you celebrate: Repeated ringing of doorbells & people at the door in strange costumes can be stressful for many pets. Even normally friendly pets may become fearful or unexpectedly…

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Clear the Shelters Starts August 23rd!

By Lauren Mirelli | August 16, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we are once again participating in Clear the Shelters! From August 23rd to September 19th, Tito’s Handmade Vodka will be covering half of the adoption fee for all dogs 6 months and older, and Carol House Furniture will be doing the same for all cats over 6 months old! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving…

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Will you help our puppies and kittens get started on the right paw?

By Sarah Javier | August 10, 2021

Dear Friends, Spring and summer are by far the busiest seasons at the APA. It is when puppies and kittens are plentiful! If you visit us, you will see (and hear) them everywhere. These tiny beings are purrfectly adorable, but the reality is that it can be overwhelming. In the United States, puppies and kittens are born at a rate of 10 to 1 over human babies. While puppies and kittens are born all…

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Flora’s Story

By APA Adoption Center | April 19, 2021

Lost, cold, and confused, Flora was found running as a stray in Spanish Lake in December. Thankfully, a kind networking partner reached out to us here at the APA Adoption Center and asked if we could help. Of course we said yes, and Flora was on her way! Upon arrival it appeared that Flora had lived quite a life before coming to the APA, she was most definitely a mama dog in the past and had several health issues we needed to resolve.

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Rocky the Cat

By APA Adoption Center | April 19, 2021

Rocky was brought to the APA Adoption Center in November by a local transfer partner – just in time for Thanksgiving. Rocky was certainly thankful to be somewhere safe! Upon his arrival our animal care team observed that he was suffering with some eye issues, most likely the result of past trauma.

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Portion Control for Pets

By Savannah Rigley | February 3, 2021

While we at the APA don’t believe in #dietculture, we do know that your pet’s food intake is an important part of keeping them healthy. I know this from personal experience. My dog, Betty Boop, is a rescue who got returned to a rural shelter because of her appetite – for neighbor’s chickens. The shelter…

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