Happily Ever After: Molly and the True Family

By: | February 15, 2017

Once upon a time, Lynn True was lonely without a cat. In June 2016, her cat of 18½ years passed away.

“I knew I was going to have to adopt another cat,” True says. “I’ve had both dogs and cats, but cats are my favorite.”

 Since she was planning a trip to Alabama to visit friends in October, True told herself she wouldn’t browse any websites for cats until she got back, not wanting to leave a newly adopted pet behind.

“But there was just this pull to look,” she says. “I got on the [APA Adoption Center’s] website, and that’s when I saw Molly.”

True knew she didn’t want a young cat, and at 13 years old, Molly certainly wasn’t a kitten. But after meeting her at the APA in August, True came back for Molly just a few days later. She ended up not going to Alabama, since she was a cat mom again.

“I wanted to stay with her and get her used to the house and the environment,” True says. “She’s just the cutest thing, and she definitely has an attitude.”

Molly is a cuddly senior kitty, and she and True curl up in the living room together and watch TV.

“I was a volunteer for the Humane Society, so I’ve seen firsthand how much people gravitate toward the younger animals,” True says. “Rarely do they choose an older animal. But [senior animals] have so much to offer. I knew Molly would be perfect.”


When she first brought Molly home, True says Molly was getting sick daily, and she couldn’t figure out why. True discovered the cat had been eating plastic: grocery bags, casings for water bottles and so forth .

“Now, she’s on a plastic-free diet!” True says with a laugh.

One of Molly’s favorite things is a box she discovered when she first came home with True. True had brought up a box of things from the basement and set it down in the living room. Molly has since claimed the box as her own, running to it whenever she’s alarmed or if she hears the mailman come to the door.

But when True has visitors, Molly has to be right in the middle of everything, going from lap to lap and getting as much attention as possible.

“She just makes my day every day,” True says. “I love waking up and knowing she’s part of my day. She’s going to have a good life for however long she has.”


Story courtesy of Robyn Dexter, Ladue News

APA funds surgery for local veteran’s dog

By: | January 3, 2017

The APA’s Heads to Tails Hope Fund is a needs based financial assistance program for vet care.

Thanks to a generous donor this new program provided care to 27 dogs in 2016. From life-saving heartworm treatment to dentals and surgery, we’re helping pets live happier, healthier lives.

Kya was one of the dogs who benefited from this program. See her story here.

Many dogs at the APA needing medical treatment have benefited as well as dogs already in loving homes. We want to bring and keep people and pets together. For more information email operations@apamo.org or call (314) 645-4610 ext. 129.

Nominate Fido for Canine King & Queen

By: | August 26, 2016

It is a prestigious and rare honor to be nominated for the APA’s Canine King and Queen at our annual Canine Carnival. And it’s a tough job to do the nominating with 2,500+ adoptions happening at our Adoption Center each year. Not to mention we’ve been around for 94 years. Do the math…that’s a lot of dogs to pick from.

So, we had a brilliant idea! Why not let someone else do the nominating, that way we ensure not one dog is left behind! (That’s what we are all about here, isn’t it?!) This year’s King and Queen nominations for Canine Court are up to YOU! Anyone can nominate any dog! It can be your dog, a friend’s dog, a neighbor’s dog. Any breed. Any age. From anywhere. We don’t want to leave anyone out.


You can nominate your favorite canine companion HERE. Once a dog is nominated, people will vote for who they think should be this year’s King & Queen on our website. Each dog will receive its own webpage with an individual link to share with their pack for easily accessible voting.

Voting is simple and it will also help homeless pets at the Adoption Center. One vote = $1. You can vote for the nominees HERE.


Voting is open from now until September 25th when the finalists are paired down to the 4 males and 4 females with the most votes. Finalist voting will then continue through 12:00pm on October 1st, though votes will no longer be publicly posted. The Grand Prize winners, Canine King and Queen, will be revealed on Sunday, October 2nd at Canine Carnival. (P.S. Get your Carnival tickets HERE so you don’t miss the fun!)

Spread the word and best of luck to all of the nominees!

Young Friend Feature: Chris Doebert

By: | June 20, 2016


Here at the APA we have always worked our hardest to fulfill our promise to the animals of St. Louis. Everything that we have achieved has been made possible by the help of genuine and compassionate individuals. This is why we are so honored and excited to welcome a new group of energetic pet lovers to our circle of supporters, the Young Friends of the APA.

Earlier this month we had a chance to ask one of our Young Friends a few questions about why he was inspired to join and give an introduction to our Young Friends Group!

Chris Doebert is a familiar face around the APA and is also one of the leaders spearheading the establishment of the new group. In the past, Chris worked as an employee at the APA for many years. Following his departure, Chris has been a dedicated volunteer, stepping in to assist us with many of our education and outreach events. One of the first things we wanted to know was Chris’ take on who the Young Friends are and what they are all about.


Tell us about your take on the Young Friends Group. What is it that you set out to do?
What the Young Friends of the APA ultimately aim to do is help the APA further its already enormous success in bringing people and pets together.  We bring fresh perspectives and ideas on their community outreach and shelter programs and an engaged community of young people to help see those ideas through.


Obviously we are doing something right to have fantastic volunteers like you. What inspires you to be involved?
I very strongly identify with the goals of the APA and how they are achieved, so I felt compelled to continue being involved after I left my employee role, helping them to improve community outreach through their education programs and shelter animal enrichment through their community events.

The education programs the APA offers helps thousands of children, and even some adults, to become more responsible and more informed with regard to not only the animals in their families, but all animals at large. It’s greatly fulfilling, and great fun, to be involved with the APA in both of those capacities, as well as now serving on the Young Friends Board.


So what are the Young Friends going to accomplish beyond what we do here, what is your mission?
The mission of the Young Friends of the APA, to me, is to serve as an integral link to an enormous pool of young people in the St. Louis area who want to contribute in a positive and tangible way to their communities.

In some ways our mission lines up very closely with the APA’s overall mission, but with a specific focus on engaging young individuals in St. Louis in a way that helps and encourages them to further the APA’s mission, and become more involved with the APA as a whole.


Well, thanks so much for making time for us Chris. We wish you and all of our Young Friends huge success. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!


To help introduce themselves to the St. Louis community, the Young Friends are offering a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card. To enter, just give them a like at https://www.facebook.com/youngfriendsapa/ and sign up to receive more information about the group.

Calling all Young Professionals of St. Louis

By: | February 2, 2016

The APA is proud to announce an exciting new opportunity to apply your professional skills and help our four-legged friends. We have partnered with the volunteer organization Launch St. Louis to ‘launch’ our very own young friends group, the Young Friends of the APA. If you are a business man or women under the age of 40, now is your chance to help your community, meet new friends, network and most importantly, meet some of our most adorable puppies and kittens.

Interested? Coming up next week we are holding a recruitment mixer for all animal-loving young professionals. The mixer is a great introduction to the Young Friends Board whether you are looking to take on a serious leadership position, or would just like a chance to help out occasionally. Please join us at the APA Adoption Center between 5:30pm and 7:30pm on Thursday, February 11th for drinks, snacks and games (puppies and kittens will be provided). The event is completely free, just RSVP in advance if you will be coming by either responding on Facebook or by contacting Rashida at rtdinehart@gmail.com.

At the mixer we will be accepting applications for the very first leadership board of the Young Friends of the APA. Members of the board can expect to work on important projects such as volunteer coordination, event planning and fundraising. We need a diverse range of expert talent on the Young Friends Board, so young professionals from all fields are welcome.

In addition to the opportunity to network with other young leaders, we will be providing tours of the APA and there will be plenty of time to play with many of our cutest pets. Rooms will be dedicated just for interaction with our adoptable cats and dogs, so be prepared to make a few new furry friends. Also, make sure to test your knowledge in our trivia challenge for a chance to take home some new APA gear. Save the date, and we will see you at the APA!

Please RSVP! Respond on Facebook or contact Rashida Dinehart at rtdinehart@gmail.com.

APA Young Friends Mixer
Thursday, February 11th
5:30pm – 7:30pm
@ the APA Adoption Center