Moe’s Story

By: | April 12, 2019

Meet Moe.

Moe was surrendered to the APA on April 27, 2018, after badly breaking his left hind leg. His owner said he jumped from a two-story balcony and that he couldn’t afford the vet care Moe (then Mocha) would need to repair the leg. By the time Moe was surrendered to the APA, his leg could not be repaired and had to be amputated.

Megan saw the request to foster Moe and volunteered to help him out. Little did she know that she would end up being his forever family! Megan picked up Moe from Hillside Animal Hospital after his amputation surgery the next day. It was clear he had been through a lot—he was unsure and learning how to navigate the world on three legs. However, through all of this, he was resilient and happy. He immediately bonded with Megan’s other dogs, and she took him to work with her every day while he recovered. His positive attitude was contagious, and her colleagues quickly adopted him as their unofficial office therapy dog.

As soon as Moe healed and was ready for his forever home, Megan completed the adoption paperwork, and Moe became a permanent part of her family. Since then, Moe has gotten stronger and has shown just how resilient he is. They took a road trip to Badlands National Park and Black Hills Forest this summer and even summited the highest point in South Dakota which required an almost eight-mile ascent. Moe motivated everyone he passed on the trail and loved the experience. This year, Megan and Moe will be completing the 52 Hike Challenge, which means they will be hiking every weekend in 2019.

Because of all that Moe has been through, Megan believes he serves as a motivation for everyone he meets, which is why Moe is now training to become a volunteer therapy dog for the St. Louis community. Once Moe passes his final class, Megan hopes he will be able to volunteer with children who have orthopedic conditions or with people who are recovering from injuries and undergoing physical therapy.

Megan will always be grateful for the APA and the Hope Fund which allowed Moe the second chance he deserved. He’s a special dog, and she’s so happy she found him.