Pets are especially vulnerable right now. Pets like Mimi.

Mimi’s Story

Mimi came to the APA after spending much of her six years of life in a small, dilapidated enclosure with limited human contact and only a plastic crate to shield her from the elements. She had heartworms, a persistent cough, two masses on her legs and one on her mammary.

Mimi was placed with a wonderful foster family who fell in love with her. They provided her all the love and cuddling she could handle. She grew particularly fond of the family’s dog, Otis, a gentle giant (and an APA alum).

Meanwhile, the team at the APA went to work scheduling a biopsy of Mimi’s tumors and learned that the cancer had filled her body. While there is no treatment for Mimi, she is not in pain. Her new family decided to be her twilight foster, providing her with all the care she needs until the end of her life.  For the first time in her life she is happy and she is home.

Pets are especially vulnerable right now. Pets like Mimi.

There are thousands more pets just like Mimi who need our help and we have recalibrated our programming to continue uninterrupted service to those most in need.

Even during an unprecedented pandemic, the Animal Protective Association of Missouri continues to be a safe and loving space for the most vulnerable pets (and their people) in our community. Whether it is finding more than 300 foster families for homeless or abandoned pets awaiting adoption, providing curbside wellness visits through our clinic, or distributing 4,000 pounds of pet food to families in need, the APA is dedicated to fulfilling our mission.

As pets show up on our doorstep, we are a welcome stop in their journey to a safe and loving home. In fact, 800 pets since March have been in our care. And, as we receive calls from families who need support to keep caring for their pet, we are there to help provide access to pet food, veterinary care and medication, or even community resources.

We can’t do this work alone.
There are many ways you could support our work and we need your love and support more than ever. Please consider one or more of the following.

Give! As the country adjusts to a post COVID-19 new normal, our donations have declined at the same time that the infrastructure and safety precautions required to do this work have increased. If you have the resources, we ask you to support the APA. As you know, we do not take any government support and are 100% funded by private donations. This keeps us nimble, responsive and independent as we constantly adapt to meet the needs of pets.

Foster! We urgently need foster families. Particularly during the pandemic, when the APA cannot keep facilities open for business as usual, our foster families are super heroes who have swooped in to save these cats and dogs! We are continuously working to find permanent placements for all our pets, but the gift of time and care as we do this work is invaluable. Mimi’s foster family has turned a tragedy into a magical time as Mimi experiences love, care, and a new best friend in Otis, for the first time in her life.
Adopt! Still the heart of what we do, we helped more than 4,000 animals find their forever homes in 2019. We hope that you will consider adding a permanent member to your family. These pets have a capacity to bring joy and comfort to your family and ask only for food, water and love in return. And maybe a soft bed. And a chew toy. But that’s all! They will change your life for the better. We promise.
We are working tirelessly at the APA to continue the work we have done for 98 years. Your support is invaluable to us in this effort. Thank you in advance for considering how you could help us in our mission.