Meet Your Best Friend & Family Member By Adopting!

toby_smallIn late 1994 I adopted a “Pet of the Week” from the APA. My grandmother, mother, and I stopped by the APA one day on a whim and noticed this beautiful, large, male sheltie named Toby. The three of us inquired about him, even though the tag on his door said he was taken. After checking, an employee told us that the adoption planned for that day had not gone through, and he was available. Toby was brought to the front of the building for us to meet him. My mother took one look at him, petted his long coat, and said “Let’s get him.” Even though I had just moved to MO from GA and was staying with my grandmother, we agreed. Toby was my first pet as an adult! Grandma taught Toby to climb stairs, and he quickly adapted to his new environment. Toby was with me through 4 moves, 3 other canine companions, marriage, divorce, and the marriage to my current husband (who has two sons that immediately became attached to Toby). Toby was the absolute best dog/companion/confidant/”kid” I ever had. I adopted him at 1.5 years old, and he lived a full, happy life until age 14. Toby had no enemies, and had a tolerant attitude that I could only aspire to have. Toby has forever changed my life, and for this reason, I will ALWAYS adopt when looking for a canine companion. It is because of him that I strongly oppose any breeding practices strictly for profit. I hope others will read this adoption success story and will realize they can meet the best friend and family member they could ever have by adopting. I surely did!

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