Lambchop’s Story

Lambchop had a rough start in life. He arrived at the APA sick with parvo, flea-infested, and suffering from an extremely itchy skin condition called sarcoptic mange that caused him to lose most of his fur. But the APA didn’t give up on Lambchop, and he didn’t give up either!  After receiving the medical care that he needed and lots of love from APA staff and volunteers, Lambchop made a full, albeit slow, recovery and soon found a wonderful new family to give him all of the love and happiness in life that he deserves.

Lambchop fits right in with his new family! They have three sons, so adding a furry BOY to the crew was an easy decision. The family fell in love with Lambchop’s sweet and friendly disposition. Knowing the obstacles he had to overcome before adoption was difficult for the family to comprehend, but they feel so lucky to get to love, play, and care for him as he grows.

Lambchop loves his humans and enjoyed snuggling from day one! His favorite spot in the house is by the fire. He also loves to curl up on a bean bag or his dog bed. His favorite position to sleep is on his back. During his playful times, he enjoys going after his giant stuffed Lambchop or pretending to drink from his Starbucks toy. Any chance he gets, he loves a good car ride, especially if he can sit in the front seat.

As the family has watched Lambchop grow, they have been pleased to see his fur come back thick and soft. They have also learned that he is very smart and easy to train. He knew in one day which door to go to for potty outside! He now knows how to sit, go down, climb, and come. His favorite time of the day? Meal time! When his food bowl is being brought to him, he runs in circles and hops around with excitement.

“We feel so fortunate to have found Lambchop. He is our first family dog, and he has brought us so much joy!”   -The Thompson Family

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