Keep Your Pets Safe This 4th of July: Free ID Tags at APA Shelters

APA is issuing a vital alert ahead of the Fourth of July holiday as the intake levels of lost pets continue to increase. After the holiday, animal shelters across the country experience a surge in stray animals.

To address this issue, the APA proudly announces a special initiative focused on promoting pet safety during the upcoming 4th of July celebrations.

To prevent lost pets and facilitate their reunion with their families, both APA Brentwood and APA Olivette will provide free ID tags and collars on July 1-3, offering valuable guidance for locating a missing pet.

Fireworks, loud noises, and unfamiliar environments can cause anxiety and fear in pets, leading them to escape in search of safety. To ensure the well-being of your pets this holiday season, please consider the following tips: 

  • Leave your dog at home when attending celebrations with fireworks. 
  • Never leave your pet unattended outdoors while they go to use the bathroom. Even pets that usually stay in the yard are more likely to jump fences to escape frightening sounds. 
  • Avoid chaining up your pet outside. A frightened animal may attempt to run, leading to entanglement and injury. 
  • Ensure your pet is wearing up-to-date identification. If your pet is microchipped, verify that your address and phone number are current. The same applies to the ID tags on their collars. 

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