Introducing Weekly Pack Walks

The behavior and enrichment team at APA is pleased to announce a new public program for the dogs of APA, Pack Walks.

Pack walks will be a part of our enrichment program and will happen once a week at each location, weather permitting.

Why pack walks? Pack walks are a vital enrichment tool for many different reasons! They help dogs by expelling pent-up energy, exploring and acclimating to new experiences, learning how to walk politely alongside other dogs, getting one-on-one time with a new person, safely walking on a sidewalk, and using their nose to explore the world around them. What started as a volunteer-focused part of our enrichment program has been opened up to the public! Want to help a dog to learn life-saving skills, get some time out of the shelter and make a difference for a furry friend? We are currently limiting this opportunity to up to 20 people per pack walk, so if we are full this week, we might need more hands for the next one! The dogs will be pre-selected and matched with handlers based on experience level.

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