I am Hers

trail boss_smallIn April 2010, I adopted “Cassidy”, now Cassie from the APA. This is the first time I have ever had a dog that was not a puppy when she became mine. Cassie had a whole year and a half of history that I have no knowledge of. She was so sweet in the shelter, but she was timid. It was obvious that she had been a young mother too. When I first got Cassie, she was restless. She chewed on things. She tasted furniture, shoes, and any object that she found interesting to look at. She was snuggly, but only to a small degree. She was wary of me. She was happy to see me, but didn’t seem to want to commit fully. In the past few months, she has changed. She leaps and jumps on me when I get home from work. She is beside me on the bed. Not at the foot, not on the floor or the other room. When I wake up in the morning, she is there. She is safe. She is home. She is mine. I am hers. We are a family. Thank you for helping me find this beautiful girl.

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