How to Best Take Care of Your Pets When It Snows

A winter snowstorm is on the way to the St. Louis region. When snow is on the ground, you may groan because it is challenging to get your dog outside, especially if it is a small dog. It is crucial to protect your pets from snow and ice treatments. Snow and ice treatments contain chemicals that are harmful to pets. If salt gets into the paw of your pet, it can burn. There are several commercially safe alternatives that you can use to help keep your pets safe.

We asked APA’s Dr. Angela Garcia, Director of Veterinary Services, about her top tips for keeping pets safe.

  • Protective foot covers, like booties, for prolonged exposure to the snow
  •  Rinsing the feet after coming inside to avoid exposure to salt or other chemicals on the ground and could be harmful.

Share these tips with your friends to help keep all pets safe during a snowstorm!

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