Find Your Big Dog Energy & Hike With A Hound

We have been witnessing an unprecedented influx of large dogs, those weighing 40 lbs or more, entering our shelter locations, all in need of loving and caring homes. So far this year, we have cared for nearly 7,000 animals at APA’s two locations, with the majority falling into the “big dog” category.

To address this challenge and promote the adoption of these wonderful animals, we launched a campaign called “Big Dog Energy.” We invite you to Hike With A Hound as part of this campaign. Join us on an adventure at Laumeier Sculpture Park on October 16 at noon or at Emmenegger Nature Park on October 26 at noon for a memorable meet and greet, followed by a hike with our lovable hounds.

Discover Your Perfect Companion:

You’ll never see more lolling, rolling or goofy grins than with a big dog—and that behavior’s infectious. So maybe it’s time to bring that kind of joy into your life, and your home, by adopting or fostering 40+ lbs of pure happy.

The Adoption Process Made Simple:

Our team at the APA Adoption Center can help you find the right big dog for you and your family. This means that when you adopt them after the hike, you get to skip the house training and go straight to enjoying your new Big Dog Energy. Plus, adoption fees are waived every Tuesday for big dogs 40 pounds and over.

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