Help Us Continue to Double Our Difference

Every pet deserves a safe and loving home. This is our guiding belief, here at the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA). That’s why we never turn a pet in need away – our doors are always open, no matter what.

For pets like Heaven, those open doors make all the difference.

Each year the APA partners with shelters across Missouri and the United States to give pets in need a second or third chance. These pets often come from rural shelters, where resources are scarce and space is limited. Without the APA and champions like you, these pets wouldn’t find their loving home or happy ending.

So far, in 2022, the APA has transferred in over 2,139 deserving pets.

Heaven is one of those pets. A transfer partner in rural Missouri went to an area pet auction after hearing that un-purchased pets were at risk of euthanasia. At the end of the auction, 12 dogs remained – all likely breeding dogs from area puppy mills. Each was spray painted with their auction numbers, cold, scared and hungry. Because this transfer partner knew the APA would say “YES!” no matter what, she offered to take all 12 dogs that minute and give them the second chance they deserved. Heaven and the other dogs (pictured below) arrived at our doors the very next day and our staff got right to work.

We assessed their medical needs, delivered necessary veterinary care, filled their hungry bellies, and carefully got them settled in warm, cozy beds that first night. The following day, they got to play outside, perhaps for the very first time, with our dedicated team. Tails were wagged, kisses were given, and zoomies were had! It was magical to witness.

Heaven joined the fun but needed to take it slower. She arrived with two painful ear infections – her ears swollen and full of bloody discharge – and dental disease that made eating challenging. So, we made special time to care for her specific needs and gave her slower, gentler opportunities for cuddles and play. Heaven’s ear infections were treated, her dental scheduled, and a loving foster-to-adopt home was found so she could settle into family life while she healed.

This is why the APA exists. When every door closes for needy pets, ours will always be open. We never turn a pet away, and our team works hard, day in and day out, to deliver exceptional care to pets in need until their new family walks through our doors to find them. We are a pet’s last stop on their journey home.

Your gift today will help the APA open our doors wider and find safe and loving homes for every pet transferred to us and thousands more. With your help, we reached 5,000 adoptions this year – our largest year yet!

Thank you for your generous past support that has helped bring thousands of people and pets together. Thank you for supporting this mission. Thank you for believing that pets deserve second chances and making it possible for the APA to give them.