Help bring hope to pets this holiday season

“You’ve got heart.” We say it all the time around here at the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA). Sometimes it’s whispered as a promise to newly born puppies and kittens, too small and new to open their eyes (or ears). Sometimes it’s said as reassurance to scared or anxious pets, many who have traveled numerous miles to their first safe place and soft bed at the APA Adoption Center. Sometimes it’s said as an affirmation to pets surrounded by their new family as they head out our doors and into their new life.

Every pet, all 4,000+ of them, that come through our doors each year has heart. They’ve got the will to live and love; the capacity for joy; and the generosity of spirit only animals seem to be capable of. It’s why the stories we tell are always full to the brim with heart.

Stories like Sumo and Jax: both lost and in need of a little extra time and care, they had the resilience to get better and trust again. Their adopters were willing to open their homes and hearts to a new family member. The stories they’ll create together will be special in every way.

And it’s not just the pets who have heart around here: you do too. Your generosity makes incredible things possible. Your support keeps the Adoption Center warm and welcoming for the more than 4,000 pets we serve. It helps us transfer in 2,000 animals who otherwise wouldn’t have the second or third chance they need. It makes the pet food especially delicious for hungry tummies and the medical care exceptional for those who need mending. It helps families find their way to pets in need. It enables us to not only say, but also mean every commitment we make to the pets who need us.

Thank you. We’re so grateful you’ve chosen to be a part of this work. We hope you’ll consider continuing to give this year because your support makes a difference. A gift to the APA Adoption Center will help us care for another 4,000 pets in 2022 and underwrite stories of heart and hope in the year to come. We can’t (and don’t want to) do it without you! To donate today, click here.

With deep gratitude, 

Sarah Javier