Give the Gift of Care, Play and Comfort

Each year the APA Adoption Center helps nearly 5,000 pets find loving homes. We know these animals deserve the chance to find families of their own, so from the minute they arrive until the moment they find their people, our team gives each animal the care and comfort necessary to make their short stay with us as stress-free as possible. Besides the daily care of full bellies, warm beds, play and exercise, we focus on their health and overall wellbeing. 

Each pet’s journey begins with providing vaccines and preventatives, spay/neuter procedures, testing for heartworms and viruses, and a microchip so they can quickly be reunited with their family should they ever become lost. In addition to preparing pets for adoption, our dedicated staff is committed to making sure that every pet in our care has the best experience possible while they are with us. Many of the pets who make their way to our adoption center arrive anxious or fearful, or experience stress during their stay. New surroundings, smells, sounds and people can be overwhelming and sometimes leads to a fearful and stressed pet. Thankfully, there is a lot that can be done to mitigate this stress and one of the many ways the APA commits to the wellbeing of pets in our care is to engage them in enrichment. 

What is enrichment? Enrichment includes any activity that provides pets with physical and emotional stimulation or allows them to engage in their natural behaviors. When pets experience enrichment, their instinctual, psychological, and physical needs are met, and this helps them deal with the stress of adjusting to shelter life. Play activities, special treats, training and mentally stimulating games and toys are all examples of enrichment activities. Accommodations that bring comfort to anxious or fearful pets, such as Thundershirts and pheromone sprays, are also important for creating a more positive shelter experience. All of this makes it easier for these pets to find the loving homes they deserve. 

Pumpkin is just one of the thousands of pets who benefit from in-shelter enrichment each year. When Pumpkin first arrived, she was very afraid, anxious and hesitant to interact with people. To help build her confidence, our on-staff Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator brought Pumpkin into the more-quiet office space of the shelter. There we watched her transformation, slowly warming up to people, thanks to some tasty treats, fun new toys and gentle head pats. Watching Pumpkin come out of her shell was truly heartwarming and now that she has gained confidence, this sweetheart is ready to find a new home to call her own. 

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to give the gift of care, play and comfort to all the pets at the APA by supporting their veterinary needs and enrichment activities during their stay. With your support we can make the shelter experience even better for more pets like Pumpkin. This year we will be starting the day off with a $10,000 gift, thanks to two very generous donors, Carolyn and Charlie. Carolyn and Charlie want to challenge the community to raise an additional $10,000 to double the impact. Will you accept their challenge? Making a gift during this Global Day of Giving will help make a dog’s (cat’s, or pocket pet’s) day so we hope you’ll throw our pets some bones!

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