Fostering for the APA – A Testimonial

By: | February 15, 2019

Fostering for the APA is great! The staff are so responsive to any need you have and the Facebook page is an excellent way to connect with other people who are fostering. Getting approved to foster was easy and they provide a no pressure way to request the animals you want but also take a break when you need it.

It’s so rewarding to get a tiny kitten in, be able to play with it and cuddle it, then send it off to be placed with a loving forever home. I would never have the space to provide homes to all those wonderful animals but I do have the space to allow them to grow into the next step. Fostering for the APA means that more animals can be saved!

– Susan Depue, APA foster volunteer

We work hard to make fostering easy. As a foster volunteer, you will work with a dedicated foster coordinator to get everything you need to be successful — food, pet supplies, information and resources, as well as support. And, when the pets you are fostering are ready for adoption, you bring them back to the APA and we take care of that part – you don’t have to find them homes like many other places require (of course, we suspect many of your family and friends will want to adopt them when they see how great they are).

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