Fostering for the APA – A Testimonial

By: | February 8, 2019

The following testimonial is from APA foster volunteer, Susan Dohr. In 2018, we helped nearly 4,000 pets find homes. This would not have been possible without volunteers like Susan. If you are interested in becoming a foster volunteer, please contact us at

I love fostering for the APA !  The APA has a very high adoption rate with very caring and dedicated staff who do their very best to get adoptable animals into loving forever homes.  My teenage daughter and I started fostering for the APA a couple years ago, because we love animals and we wanted to help make a difference in homeless animals’ lives.  Fosters play an early and important role in getting animals ready for adoption. Animals who are pregnant, too young, sick, recovering from an injury, or need some socialization benefit from a low stress home setting , where they can have their babies, grow and thrive, heal from an illness or injury, or simply learn to be less fearful.  This is where fosters come in!  it’s so rewarding  in itself to know you’re helping these animals get to the point of being able to be adopted into forever homes.  Fosters also help make space available for new animals to be taken in by the APA, saving even more lives!  If you’ve ever thought about fostering for an animal shelter, I highly recommend APA.  They take care of any supplies you might need and they provide the medical care for the fosters in your care. They will work around your schedule to make it convenient for you to come in if your foster animal needs vaccinations or anything. Also, our foster coordinator, Ashton, is always available for any questions or concerns we might have about our fosters. I won’t say it’s always easy to say goodbye to fosters once the time comes that they are ready for adoption, as we do get attached to them, but I remember to think of the bigger picture, the fact that new animals are always coming in, who might need some time in foster care and I want to be available for them.  I want to be able to help as many animals as possible,  for years to come. Fostering for the APA has been a great experience for us!

– Susan Dohr, APA foster volunteer

Foster volunteers are critical to the work we do at the APA Adoption Center. Foster volunteers help the most vulnerable pets – puppies, kittens and animals recovering from illness or injury – get a healthy start or second chance by providing them with love and care while they grow or recover.

We work hard to make fostering easy. As a foster volunteer, you will work with a dedicated foster coordinator to get everything you need to be successful — food, pet supplies, information and resources, as well as support. And, when the pets you are fostering are ready for adoption, you bring them back to the APA and we take care of that part – you don’t have to find them homes like many other places require (of course, we suspect many of your family and friends will want to adopt them when they see how great they are).

To learn more about fostering, please contact us at