Flora’s Story

Flora’s cold, lonely days are behind her.

Lost, cold, and confused, Flora was found running as a stray in Spanish Lake in December. Thankfully, a kind networking partner reached out to us here at the APA Adoption Center and asked if we could help. Of course we said yes, and Flora was on her way! Upon arrival it appeared that Flora had lived quite a life before coming to the APA, she was most definitely a mama dog in the past and had several health issues we needed to resolve before placing her for adoption, including infections in her ears and paws and being heartworm positive. Flora took it all in stride with her newfound friends at the APA and developed a special bond with one of our veterinary technicians. During her heartworm recovery, Flora got to spend several weeks in a foster home with the technician she bonded so closely with. Once released for adoption, Flora and her foster mom decided they were meant to be together and finalized the adoption paperwork. Flora now spends her days as we hope all dogs do – on the couch and snuggled up to her favorite human.