February Month in Review

Although February is a short month, there was no shortage of bringing people and pets together! We were happy to help 496 pets get adopted into wonderful, loving homes.

In addition to many great adoption matches across both locations, we have implemented new programs to create connections and provide enrichment, including Doggie Dates, which is an opportunity for individuals to take a dog out of the shelter for a day of fun. There were 39 dog dates in three days at APA Brentwood, providing hours and hours of enrichment and time out of the shelter for dogs that needed it. Because of the program’s success, APA Olivette offers dog dates daily. Some of our Doggie Dates have even resulted in adoptions!

Our Outreach program had a record month, distributing 1,029 pounds of food to pets throughout the community. The Wellness Clinic at Brentwood saw 359 patients.

Compared to last year, our adoptions overall have increased; however, the intake numbers continue to grow. A total of 741 pets were brought into APA in February. Despite our incredible adoption growth, our amazing transfer partners, a dedicated team and a dynamic foster program, pets are coming in at a higher rate than they are leaving.

How can you help? We need continued support from the community by sharing available pets from our website and sharing lost pets on APA’s Lost and Found Facebook Page. We are also in need of new fosters and volunteer dog walkers.

Thank you for your continued support.

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