No More Bullying! Program

Why would the APA care about bullying?  Fact: Hurt people hurt animals and people.


People who are abused will often abuse animals. People who abuse animals often begin to abuse people. This cycle will continue until broken. This is where No More Bullying!® makes a difference.

The connection between the various forms of violence has been extensively studied and researched. This research has found*:

  • Children who abuse animals often have experienced abuse or neglect.
  • When children abuse animals it is likely a precursor to future violence.
  • There is a direct link between school-age students who practice bullying and adult perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • Most teen school shooters have a history of abusing animals.
  • Many people incarcerated for violent offenses to people report abusing animals as part of their first experiences with violence.
  • The majority of families experiencing domestic violence report their family pet was also abused by the perpetrator of violence.
  • Virtually all serial killers report tormenting and abusing animals early in life.

The APA seeks to break the cycle of human and animal abuse.



No More Bullying!®:

  • Integrates the human and animal perspective
  • Conveys the significance of treating all living beings with care
  • Captivates students’ attention while establishing the core value concepts
  • Creates rewarding opportunities to practice, practice, practice the core values
  • Inspires students to live healthier lives and become valuable contributors within their community.


For more information about the APA and the No More Bullying! program, please contact our Humane Education Manager at 314-645-4610 x120.


This program has been made available to the St. Louis community thanks to the generosity of the Berges Family Foundation.



*In order to maintain brand consistency, the above information was borrowed from Wayside Waifs, a Kansas City animal shelter and developer of the No More Bullying!® Curriculum. Research information was collected from numerous published sources.


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