APA Programs

To learn more please contact communityprograms@apamo.org or to submit a request to schedule a program, download the APA Program Request Form.

APA Program Request Form

A New Friend for Life

Kids participate in a mock pet adoption to learn about the commitment needed to adopt a pet. Kids of all ages.

Animal Overpopulation

Students learn about the realities of animal overpopulation and the importance of spaying or neutering. Kids age 8+.

Cats, Care & Adoption

Learn all about adult cats as well as kittens. How do cats communicate with you? What kind of care do cats and kittens need? [Hint: it’s not the same as what a dog needs!] What should you consider before you adopt a kitten or a cat? We’ll demystify some of those cat myths and answer your tough questions. Join us as we enjoy these amazing felines!

Animal Welfare for Kids

Students learn what a puppy mill is, the difference between buying a pet and adopting one, and why adoption is the kindest option. Ages 8+.

Girl and Boy Scouts

We offer classes, badge programs, tours and service projects for Girl and Boy Scouts.

Kind Kids Story Time

Toddlers learn love and compassion for all living things by playing games and telling stories at your school or the Adoption Center.

Tuesday Tails

Volunteers will lead story time for community children and their parents followed by a shelter tour. No reservations are necessary, and all are welcome to attend. Meet every Tuesday at the APA facility from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Stories will be appropriate for children ages 2-5 years.

Safety with Animals

Kids learn the ways dogs and cats communicate, the proper way to approach a dog, and what to do if approached by a stray animal. Ages 4+.

Animal Welfare 101

This class helps adults and mature students understand how the different animal agencies in St. Louis work together to serve animals and people. Adults and students ages 13+.