Not everyone can cuddle with puppies and kittens on a daily basis like we do at the APA Adoption Center, so we thought it would be great to share the love (after all, our furry friends have lots to give).

We love playdates for a variety of reasons. For our puppies and kittens, they provide great socialization. This is important to healthy development by exposing them to a variety of experiences with both places and people. Playdates also help promote adoption. We know how great shelter pets are and we want everyone else to know too! When our puppies and kittens meet new human friends, it gives us an opportunity to share our work with the community and encourage folks to get involved. And of course, playdates are great for humans too! Research has shown that interacting with a pet reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. That is something to bark and meow about!

You can schedule a one-hour playdate with your choice of puppies or kittens for a minimum fee of $250*. Proceeds from this service will benefit all of the homeless animals at the APA Adoption Center.


Office Playdates

What’s better than a coffee break? An APA Playdate! Your employees will love the opportunity to cuddle with puppies and kittens, and they will love you for making it happen. Depending on the size of your company, we can segment the play hour into 10-15 minute sessions. More time can be requested for an additional fee.

Happy Hour and Cocktail Playdates

Gather your friends for some drinks, food and your choice of puppies or kittens! Kick off the weekend or end the work day with our furry friends. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and we guarantee it will be the highlight of your day.

Are you ready to schedule an APA playdate?  Request a playdate now!

*APA Playdates are limited to a 25-mile radius from the Adoption Center. We are able to accommodate Playdates outside of this geographic area for an additional $100 for the extra staff time and mileage required.



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