Don’t Let Your Cat or Dog Become a Stray!

Do you ever leave the doors or windows in your home open? Or forget to close the door tightly as you go out? Cats and dogs can slip out in the blink of an eye, so keep your pets’ safety in mind. Many people believe that pets are able to find their way home easily, but it is just not true.

Did you know that lost cats and lost dogs have a very hard time being reunited with their human families? Across the United States only 2% of lost cats and 16% of lost dogs are ever reunited with their owners. Why do so few make it home?

No identification!

Although many lost dogs and cats are brought by caring strangers to the APA and other animal shelters, they can’t tell anyone their phone number or where they live. Owners have to help.

Your pet relies on you to provide an ID TAG! This could be your pet’s ticket home if he or she becomes lost. It is simple and inexpensive to place your pet’s name and your current telephone number on a metal disc that can be attached to its collar. Don’t forget your kitty. Young cats can learn early to wear a stretchable collar and tag. Pets need tags even when they live indoors because accidents happen even when everyone is doing their best to keep pets safe.

Ask your parents if your pet is microchipped. This is a very special identification, like a small computer part, that is placed just under the skin to allow for permanent identification that can never be lost. It has a special number that only belongs to your pet. Most shelters and animal control agencies scan the animals that are brought to them with a small hand held machine that will read the number. Then they can trace where the number came from and connect that pet with the right family. The APA microchips every animal that’s adopted here before it goes to a new home.

So, give your best friend an ID and you will never have to be apart!

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