How to Participate in Planned Giving

Create a Letter of Intent

Declaring your intent is an important step in creating a lasting legacy for the animals and the APA Adoption Center. A letter of intent is a non-binding agreement that states your intention to make a gift during your lifetime or as a part of your estate plan.

Choose Your Type of Gift

Below are some of the types of gifts you can make:

Appreciated Assets

Gifts of appreciated assets with long-term capital gains are ideal for transfer, as you generally pay no capital gains taxes and are eligible for an income-tax charitable deduction.

Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate & Cash

Publicly traded stock, closely held stock, corporate bonds, real estate and cash gifts generally entitle you to current income tax deductions.

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust allows you to transfer the benefit of income-producing properties and other assets to the APA Adoption Center for a specific number of years. Payments from the trust are made to the APA during the years of the trust, after which all remaining assets are returned to you or any person you designate.


A bequest under your will or revocable trust instrument describes the portion of your estate that you choose to leave to the APA Adoption Center and should qualify for an estate tax charitable deduction.

IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan

An IRA, company pension, profit sharing plan, 401(k), Keogh or tax sheltered annuity, is generally an attractive asset to leave to the APA Adoption Center because such an asset may otherwise be subject to both income and estate taxes.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies may be used to make a charitable gift to the APA Adoption Center. You can transfer the ownership and change the beneficiary of an existing policy to the APA.

Life Income Plans

Life income plans pay an income to you or your named beneficiary for life or for a term of years while leaving the remainder to the APA Adoption Center.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A lifetime fixed dollar amount or percentage is paid to you or a designated beneficiary and the APA Adoption Center receives the remainder.

Charitable Gift Annuity

In exchange for a gift to the APA Adoption Center, the APA agrees to pay you and/or another person a lifetime, fixed income on a regular basis that is partially nontaxable.

Deferred Gift Annuity

Similar to a charitable gift annuity, income payments to you or a designated beneficiary begin at a future date. You receive an immediate tax deduction when the annuity is established. “Mid-life” people may find this a useful tool to supplement retirement income.

For More Information

To learn more about the many ways you can leave a legacy to the APA Adoption Center, contact your attorney or tax advisor. You can also contact the APA for a confidential consultation with one of the organization’s highly knowledgeable staff members who are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact: Mandy Pratt at 314.645.4610 ext. 112 or