Chance Fits the Bill!

success_groverWe adopted Grover a 6 year old beagle mix from the APAMO in late February 2010 after he had been there almost a month. He is now re-named Chance. Apparently he was a staff favorite. Everyone seems to want the very young dogs or puppies. Not us, we specifically wanted to give a mature dog a good, secure home. Chance really fit the bill. From the moment he walked in our door it’s like he’s been here forever. He’s the most sweet natured, loveable, obedient dog you could ever meet. He just wants to please. Loves people and other dogs. Perfect on his house-training and excellent manners. When we’re gone he just sleeps, he never bothers anything. Not sure why this dog was taken to a shelter because he’s everything you could possibly want.

We love him dearly, he sleeps with us, gives us kisses and you can really see his gratitude just to be here with us. He’ll play in the backyard with his westie “sister”, then come in for a good long snooze. Chance is the perfect dog. I had a feeling I could not resist when I saw him online, my daughter and I had to come pick him up and we’ll be forever grateful I went with that feeling. He exceeded our expectations. He’s a great buddy. Thank you APA — you guys are wonderful. We will always come to you if we’re ever looking to adopt. Keep up the good work… you’re such nice people.

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