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Portion Control for Pets

While we at the APA don’t believe in #dietculture, we do know that your pet’s food intake is an important part of keeping them healthy. I know this from personal experience. My dog, Betty Boop, is a rescue who got returned to a rural shelter because of her appetite – for neighbor’s chickens. The shelter…

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Vaccines for cats explained by Dr. Dietsch

A cat sits on a colorful blanket

One of the easiest ways to keep your cats happy and healthy is to keep them up to date on vaccines. Why is it so important to vaccinate? Vaccines trigger the immune system to produce antibodies for a disease, so if there is an exposure to the disease, there is an immediate response to fight…

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APA funds surgery for local veteran’s dog

The APA’s Heads to Tails Hope Fund is a needs based financial assistance program for vet care. Thanks to a generous donor this new program provided care to 27 dogs in 2016. From life-saving heartworm treatment to dentals and surgery, we’re helping pets live happier, healthier lives. Kya was one of the dogs who benefited from this…

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Rain, Mosquitoes & Heartworm

The St. Louis area has had a particularly rainy summer, and where there’s rain, there’s mosquitoes.  Keep your pet safe from potentially deadly heartworms carried by mosquitoes by learning about the problem and how to keep it from harming your furry friend. When an infected mosquito bites your pet, it transmits tiny parasitic worms into their…

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