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Summer Pet Tips

A dog sits by the pool

The sweltering heat of summertime is not only uncomfortable for our furry friends—it can be doggone dangerous as well! Here are some handy tips that we’ve compiled to help you keep your pets cool and safe throughout the sizzling summer months: Parasites, such as fleas and ticks, are everywhere this time of year and carry…

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4th of July Pet Tips


Independence Day festivities can be an extremely stressful time for pets, and more pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other holiday. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your pet safe, secure and as calm as possible during the noisy celebrations: Keep your pets indoors. When taking your dog out,…

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What To Do If You Find Kittens

Spring has arrived in St. Louis, which brings flowers, beautiful weather, and kittens….lots and lots of kittens. The APA takes in close to 1,000 kittens every year. If you happen to find a litter of kittens outside, what can you do? 1. Watch the kittens from a distance to see if their mom is coming…

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Nominate Fido for Canine King & Queen

It is a prestigious and rare honor to be nominated for the APA’s Canine King and Queen at our annual Canine Carnival. And it’s a tough job to do the nominating with 2,500+ adoptions happening at our Adoption Center each year. Not to mention we’ve been around for almost 100 years. Do the math…that’s a…

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Summer Classes at the APA

Safety With Animals Saturday, June 24th at 11am Saturday, July 29th at 11am Kids learn the ways dogs and cats communicate, the proper way to approach a dog and what to do if approached by a stray animal. Ages 4+. Caring for Your Cat Wednesday, June 28th at 1pm Wednesday, July 12th at 1pm Friday,…

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