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Microchips and Moe

APA Veterinary Clinic

Last spring, our friends at St Louis Feral Cat Outreach were conducting a routine TNR (trap neuter return) event when they caught an unusually friendly cat. Generally, the cats STLFCO deals with are totally feral – meaning they thrive in their outdoor homes with their loving caretakers. In some instances, usually a handful every event,…

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Thoughts on the Wording That Both Inspires and Divides

We recently shared the TedX talk below with our employees. In response, one of our staff members, Edward Burch, penned the following thoughts when sharing the video with his friends. We were so moved, we felt it was worth sharing here. By our stats, we could probably call ourselves “no kill.” But we don’t. For…

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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Scary sounds and flashes of light send some animals bolting out the door or over a fence on the 4th of July. The APA Adoption Center sees an influx of stray animals after the holiday. Keep your furry friends safe during the celebrations with these tips. Leave your dog at home when you attend celebrations with fireworks. Don’t…

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Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and their Pets

Escaping an abusive home is a brave but stressful and difficult decision. It is enough for a woman to worry about getting herself and children to safety; to have to consider pets’ safety, too, can make the move overwhelming. In fact, several studies show that somewhere between 25-40% of women delay their departure or stay…

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Dogfighting – No Winners!

What is dogfighting? Typically, an Organized Dogfight is a contest in which two dogs, bred and trained to fight by “dog men”, is placed in a pit (an area enclosed by plywood or straw bales) for the purpose of attacking and mauling each other to earn money for their owners and “entertain” spectators. An organized…

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