Canine Carnival Exhibitor Information

The Animal Protective Association of Missouri’s Canine Carnival event will take place on Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 10:00am to 3:00pm at Tilles Park:   9551 Litzsinger Road, Ladue, Missouri 63124.

We invite you to reserve exhibitor space at this annual event celebrating the bond between people and pets. Canine Carnival features games, activities and contests for dogs, as well as children’s activities and plenty of fun! Proceeds from this event will support the APA’s ongoing mission of bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond. We’re expecting a great turnout for our 2019 Carnival!

Date & Time:

Exhibitors are expected to be fully operational during the hours of Canine Carnival: 11:00am until 3:00pm. This is an outdoor event and will take place rain or shine. Booth spaces are located on grass.

Fee for One Booth Space:

Business/Corporation: $250.00

Nonprofit Organization*: $150.00 (must provide proof of 501c3 status)

A note to rescue groups and shelters: The APA appreciates and supports the amazing work of rescue groups and shelters throughout our community, however we do not allow other rescue/shelter groups to participate as vendors/exhibitors in the Canine Carnival event. This decision was made in order to keep the focus on the APA Adoption Center, as this is our signature fundraising event. We appreciate your understanding and welcome other opportunities to partner.


For more information or with any questions, contact the APA Special Events Coordinator, at 314-645-4610 x115 or

Booth Operations:

A single booth space is 10’x10’ and each exhibitor’s operations must be contained within the perimeter of the exhibitor’s reserved booth space(s). The APA will provide one table and two chairs at each booth. All other supplies, equipment, setup, operation and removal thereof are the responsibility of each exhibitor. Exhibitors may bring a tent with a maximum size of 10’x10’. All tents must be secured.

APA staff will be the sole determinant of assigned spaces and make every effort to honor requests. Every effort is made to provide separation between competitor booths when possible, but is not guaranteed. On the exhibitor application, please be sure to include a description of your business/organization and list all planned operations. Please also list all businesses or organizations to be represented at your booth. Booth reservations are not transferable and the APA has the right to determine eligibility of exhibitors to operate at Canine Carnival.

Food & Beverages Exhibitors:

If you are interested in selling food/beverages for people at Canine Carnival, please contact the APA Special Events Coordinator at

Dog Treats:

The APA is very grateful for our partnership with Nestle Purina PetCare Company. No pet food or treat brand other than Purina may be given away or promoted at Canine Carnival.


Each exhibitor is to bring their own signage for display and recognition. Signage must fit within the perimeter of the exhibitor’s reserved booth space(s).

Park Regulations:

All exhibitors must comply with all reasonable rules and regulations established and posted by St. Louis County and Tilles Park, including requirements of the police and fire departments. Park policies can be found on St. Louis County’s website at or by calling the St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Department at 314-615-8371.

Cleanliness & Waste Disposal:

Exhibitors are responsible for placing all trash in trash receptacles, available throughout event grounds. Exhibitors must clean their booth space completely at the close of the event, leaving behind only the table and chairs which were provided by the APA.

Merchandise Sales & Fundraising:

Exhibitors may sell or give away merchandise to benefit their business or organization. Non-profit exhibitors may NOT accept donations or hold fundraising activities for their organization at their booth. If you wish to have a fundraising activity at your booth to benefit the APA at Canine Carnival, please contact the APA Special Events Coordinator at


Exhibitors agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Canine Carnival and the APA from any claims or liabilities associated with Canine Carnival. Exhibitors also agree the APA may use photos, videos, recordings or any other records of exhibitors and all booth operations.

Complete the Canine Carnival Exhibitor Application and Payment