Position: Seasonal

Location: This position will work at APA Brentwood and APA Olivette.

Compensation: $28 an hour


Are you passionate about creating memorable summer experiences for children? The APA is seeking a dynamic individual to fill the role of APA Summer Camp Director. As the leader of our summer camp, the Camp Director is responsible for orchestrating daily activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of campers, and fostering an environment of learning, fun, and love of animals. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Camp Operations: Oversee the day-to-day running of the APA summer camp, from planning activities to managing administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.  
  • Policy Adherence: Maintain a comprehensive understanding of camp policies, rules, and guidelines, ensuring adherence to APA’s practices and procedures. 
  • Humane Education: Implement age-appropriate humane education curriculum, fostering empathy and understanding among campers. 
  • Staff Management: Train and supervise camp counselors, providing guidance and support to ensure the highest quality of care and programming. 
  • Resource Management: Prepare teaching aids and materials, monitor camp supplies, and manage resources efficiently to enhance the camp experience. 
  • Behavior Management: Monitor and ensure appropriate participant behavior, enforcing camp rules and regulations to maintain a safe and positive environment. 
  • Effective Communication: Communicate effectively and professionally with APA team members, volunteers, campers, parents, and the public, addressing questions and concerns promptly. 
  • Parent Engagement: Handle parent questions and concerns during check-in and check-out, maintaining open lines of communication and providing reassurance as needed. 
  • Reporting and Maintenance: Communicate camper and parent concerns, injury reports, and maintenance or supply needs to supervisor. 
  • Adaptability: Work efficiently under pressure and be flexible in a fast-paced environment, adapting to changing circumstances with poise and professionalism. 
  • Mission Representation: Represent APA’s mission at all times, embodying our values and reflecting the positivity of our work culture. 


  • Commitment and Passion: Demonstrated commitment to excellence and a strong passion for the mission and work of the APA. 
  • Teaching Experience: Prior experience in youth program leadership or classroom teaching is required, with a proven ability to engage and educate children effectively. 
  • Animal Interaction and Handling: Experience with animal interactions and handling is preferred, as this will enhance the camp experience for participants with a focus on animal welfare and education. 
  • Time Management: Excellent time management, multi-tasking, and organizational skills to effectively plan and execute camp activities while prioritizing safety and enjoyment. 
  • Technical Proficiency: Proficiency in using MS Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), desktop publishing, and database software to facilitate administrative tasks and communication. 
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to perform work in a classroom setting within an animal shelter, including occasional lifting, moving, and carrying of items up to 25 pounds. Must also be able to stand for long periods and walk for distances up to .5 miles when necessary to oversee camp activities and field trips. 
  • Background Check: Due to the nature of working with children, a satisfactory background check will be required to ensure the safety and well-being of all camp participants. 

APA’s Core Values: 

At the APA, we understand that our organizational values are not just words on paper; they are the compass that guides us, shaping our collective identity and defining who we are as a team. 

The core principles that drive us: 

  •  Integrity: We act with honesty and transparency and uphold high ethical standards in all our interactions. Our commitment to doing what is right, even when no one is watching, guides our decisions and actions.  
  • Collaboration: We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where each team member’s unique strengths are valued. Together, we create a supportive and cohesive team that goes beyond job functions to achieve common goals.  
  • Well-being:  We prioritize the well-being of our team members, acknowledging the emotional challenges our work may present. Cultivating an atmosphere of compassion, respect, empathy, and self-awareness, we ensure a safe and supportive environment for all. We unequivocally do not tolerate bullying of any kind.   
  • Adaptability: We embrace change and approach challenges with flexibility and resilience. Our ability to adapt and innovate allows us to find joy and happiness in our work, even during demanding times, fostering a positive and dynamic workplace culture.  
  • Inclusivity:  We promote inclusivity and respect for all individuals, acknowledging and appreciating diverse perspectives and abilities. Our commitment to assuming best intentions, using inclusive language, and being aware of others creates an atmosphere where everyone feels valued.  
  • Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to continuous improvement individually and as an organization. We actively seek and provide constructive feedback, engage in direct and open conversations, and strive to enhance our professional and personal growth.  

These values are much more than statements; they are a way of life. They reflect our shared commitment to positively impacting the lives of pets and their families. Join us in embodying these values as we shape a compassionate and thriving community for all. 

The Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) is an innovative and progressive leader in animal welfare, dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human-animal bond. With over a 102-year history in the St. Louis region, the APA helps over 6,000 pets find safe loving homes each year. Thousands more are helped through wellness, outreach, and supportive programs that keep pets healthy and with the people who love them. 

The APA is committed to being a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace where all employees and volunteers feel valued and respected. We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach and provide equal opportunities for employment, growth, and advancement in all areas of the organization. 

The culture of the APA is built on trust, compassion, accountability, joy, support, and respect. We continually invest in the personal and professional growth of our team members and value innovation and new ideas that make it possible for us to meet the needs of the community we serve.

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