Bring Hope To Pets This Holiday Season

This year just didn’t go as planned here at the APA. We were hoping to do more and better in 2020 (as we always strive to do), and much of the same: finding loving homes for deserving pets, providing affordable veterinary care in our clinic, and engaging learners in meaningful and fun educational programs.  

What we ended up doing was SO MUCH MORE. This year reinforced the truly astonishing power of pets for their people and the generosity of our community when facing hard times. At the end of a heartbreaking year, I am in awe of our APA family. You helped us achieve some incredible things and brought so much optimism to an otherwise difficult time. We hope you’ll continue supporting this critical work.  

Together, we found love and connection.   

While we all know that pets are good for you, I would venture to say that this is truer today than ever before. As we worked together this year to protect not only our own health, but the health of others, many of us were (and remain) isolated in ways we never imagined. I have heard countless stories of the APA’s pets bringing their face-licking, contented purring, tail wagging, squeaking and chirping JOY to your homes. Our pets were (and are) our faithful friends through it all.  

Many of you came to the APA looking for a new friend and that special something only a pet can provide. Despite stay-at-home orders, quick adaptations to curb-side adoptions, and new Adoption Center protocols to keep visitors safe, the APA is on track to find homes for more than 3,400 pets this year! These are pets are getting a “new leash on life.” 

Together, we cared for the most in need.  

Perhaps most inspiring, you helped us care for the most vulnerable. With rising economic insecurity, we are seeing more pets surrendered across the region: the APA’s intakes are higher and the calls for help from partner shelters more desperate. Our team has jumped into action, and we have transferred in 2,226 pets from overburdened shelters where second chances are harder to come by AND, these animals don’t have to wait long for their happy ending. Our average length of stay is down to just a day or two!   

We also feel a deep responsibility to keep pets with the families who love them. To accomplish this we have rallied our resources and partnered with human serving organizations across St. Louis. Since March we have distributed more than 11,600 lbs. of pet food and resources to more than 775 dogs and cats in need. We have also kept our affordable veterinary clinic open with limited-contact care and continue to help families in need through our Heads-to-Tails Hope Fund, which offsets the costs of critical veterinary care for families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get their pets the help they need.  

We can do more.  

None of this would be possible without the generosity of people like you. But we still have so much more to do. We receive requests to help nearly 50 new animals daily and we are racing to keep up. While the winter usually marks a slowdown in intakes, we are predicting a higher than ever number of pets in the coming months. Your support will help us care and find homes for these pets in need.  

Right now, families are faced with unexpected and heartbreaking choices due to job loss and other unanticipated circumstances. We never want a family to have to surrender a beloved pet because they can’t afford pet food or veterinary care. Your gifts will help us keep deserving pets with the people who love them.  

Please consider making a gift today. With your help we can keep doing more and better, and new and critical. Your support remains local and will help pets in your community. Now is the time to care for those most in need and your partnership makes a real difference. To make a donation today, click here.  

With gratitude, 

Sarah Javier 
President/Executive Director