April: Month in Review

Throughout April, our focus was on exploring ways for the community to help support the pets at the APA, even if they were unable to adopt. As a result, we received a lot of applications for fosters and volunteers — more than the previous month. Our team quickly responded and helped get them started.

Since introducing a foster program at APA Olivette, we have had 204 pets from this location sent to foster homes. April was our largest foster month at Olivette, with a total of 70 pets being cared for in homes. Across both locations, 187 were in foster during the month of April, 623 since January 1.

We have also been working hard to reunite pets with their owners whenever possible; a total of 131 pets went back to their homes in April. When returning them home, we are offering microchips and engraved ID tags to help them get home even faster should they get lost again.

On April 22, we held our spring vaccination clinic at Dellwood Recreation Center. We vaccinated 106 animals, microchipped 45 pets and 14 pets signed up for spay/neuter. In addition, 296 pounds of pet food was distributed, and we gave out flea/tick preventative to keep 117 animals flea and tick-free. We are grateful to be a resource to pets in our community, as well as the people who love them.

While our team is always working to help pets return home and reduce intake through pet owner support programs,  there was a continued increase in the number of pets being brought into the shelter at Olivette. During the month of April, 101 more animals came in than were adopted, returned to owner or transferred. There have been several days that every single one of our kennels at Olivette is full. We do not have the space to care for every animal that is entering our doors. The continued increase is urgent and our need for help is critical. Please consider volunteering to help us get the big dogs out on walks each day, which is crucial for their mental health in the shelter.

We continue to promote available adoptable pets through various mediums, including social media, paid ads, email blasts, media, new signage, billboards and more. However, we need your help to spread the word even further. Will you commit to spreading the word about Bissell’s Empty the Shelter event at both locations until May 15? The adoption fee for every pet 6 months and older is $25. By sharing this with your network, you can help us find more homes for pets in our care, making a difference one pet at a time.

We appreciate your continued support.

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