APA Olivette Shelter Overflowing With Animals, Needs the Public’s Help 

The APA is experiencing unprecedented levels of animals entering their doors as dogs and cats flow in faster than they can find homes for them. This week alone at APA Olivette, which the APA operates in partnership with St. Louis County, the shelter experienced the intake of more than 100 animals. During that same timeframe, 73 animals were adopted. 

“This is unlike anything we have ever experienced,” said Sarah Javier, president and CEO of the APA. “And while we are doing all we can to help each animal, this situation is unsustainable.” Javier said that intake is up 190% at the Olivette location compared to last year and shows no signs of slowing.  

“With roughly a third of the animals on holds at any given time, hundreds of other animals waiting to be adopted, and a continuous flow of animals coming in, there simply isn’t any room left, which is why we need the community’s help,” Javier said. 

The APA is asking the community to help by temporarily fostering an animal, if possible, as this will create much needed space in the shelter. 

The APA will provide all pet supplies and medical care to the pet while being fostered, so the volunteer experiences no out-of-pockets costs. 

If an individual finds a lost pet, there are steps that can be taken before a pet is taken to the shelter, including: 

  1. Check the pet for an ID tag 
  2. Check with neighbors to see if they know where the pet lives 
  3. Have the pet scanned for a microchip at a veterinary clinic or animal welfare organization 
  4. Post a picture of the pet and location where found on social media, including Facebook and Nextdoor 
  5. Submit a ‘Found’ report on www.stllostpets.com  
  6. Post fliers in your neighborhood 
  7. Consider fostering while you search for the pet’s family, if possible 
  8. Contact your nearest animal shelter if the animal needs to go to a shelter, as this keeps it closer to home and increases chances of reunification 

If you are in need of support to keep your pet, you can find a list of resources here.

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