An APA Love Story

Some love stories are forever.

You know the ones: a knowing and friendship so deep and so strong, it feels like it has always been. 

This is one of those stories. It started like most meet-cutes: an accidental and instantaneous kind of love. It was 1999 and a couple walked into the Adoption Center, just to “take a look”, only to lock eyes with an adorable and dapper tuxedo kitten. It was love at first site and this duo became an instant trio.

Sammy was an amiable fellow and fast friend to all. He befriended dogs and cats alike and won the hearts of not only his owners Bill and Diane, but their kids, friends, and neighbors. As he grew, so did the love in the house.

Over time, Bill and Diane said goodbye to other pets and welcomed new ones. Always steadfast, Sammy watched over them all. With his deep stare and quiet demeanor, he supervised (in only a way a cat can) his rambunctious canine and feline siblings with ease.

Through the years Sammy has been a constant companion as his family has celebrated new milestones, additions to the family, even grandchildren and other pets. Through happy celebrations and even sad times, he was always right there, never leaving his parents’ side.

As his tuxedo has taken on a dappled hue, Sammy is no less distinguished and revered in the house. This year marked his 21st birthday and was a bright spot in an otherwise difficult year. He gracefully tolerated the birthday hats and welcomed the extra cuddles.

Today, Diane and Bill have been married for over forty years – half of their married life has included Sammy. His love has been a source of solace, joy, and warmth for more than two decades. He is family, and family is forever.

This is why the APA exists – to bring people and pets together. Our time with each pet is fleeting since they only remain with us for a day or two, but what results is pure magic. It is the spark that ignites a lifetime of memories, companionship, and love. And what an honor it is to be a part of it.

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