A Message From the CEO Regarding the Fullness of the Shelter

Dear friends,

Over the past 30 days, we have experienced a 115% increase in the number of stray animals that have come through our doors. In addition, we receive 75+ daily requests to take in pets. These requests come from people needing to rehome their pets, as well as other shelters who are experiencing challenges of their own. For some of these pets, our ability to help is their only option. 

While we always do everything possible to help every pet who needs us, we are very, very full. So, we are asking for your help.

If you find a stray pet, we ask that you hold the pet, if possible, while their owner is located. Here are some steps to help them get home. If you are unable to keep the pet, you should reach out to your local animal control agency for help, as this is a service your tax dollars support. Stray animals must be held several days to give their family an opportunity to be reunited. This time can be stressful and takes up valuable space needed to help other animals (and save more lives). Remember to make sure your pet has an ID tag with a good phone number and a microchip so, if lost, they can be reunited quickly.

If you need to rehome your pet, we ask you to please be understanding as we work to schedule a time for your pet to receive our help. Please understand this takes some time. If your need is urgent, just tell us. We always help when we can and understand there are situations that require quick action. Otherwise, be patient and help us help you and your pet without negatively impacting our ability to help other animals. 

If you can foster, we would really appreciate it. Fosters help free up space in the shelter and this helps us help more animals. You can learn more about fostering here. We work hard to make fostering easy and provide everything you need while the pet is in your care.

Finally, we would love your financial support. Caring for so many animals takes a lot of resources. We are a private organization and receive no government funding for any of the services we currently provide, so all help is appreciated. You can make a secure online gift here.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support. By working together, we can help every pet who needs us.