A Message From the CEO Regarding the Critical Intake Levels at APA Olivette

Dear Friends,

This is an urgent plea for help. Since January 1, 2023, we have experienced a 159% increase in animals coming through our doors at APA Olivette. These numbers are unprecedented, and they have reached a crisis level. Today, April 18, we have 242 animals in our care, and over 200 are large dogs. Of these, 38  were brought into APA Olivette on Saturday and Sunday alone. We need your help. 

The APA is known for doing everything possible to help every pet who needs us, and that continues. But, we are critically full at APA Olivette, and without support from our community, doing everything possible gets more and more impossible.

Help us create more space by fostering a pet in your home or coming in to adopt. You can learn more about fostering here. We work hard to make fostering easy and provide everything you need while the pet is in your care. Share this message with others who may be able to assist — this is a moment where we need all the help we can get. If you can’t adopt or foster, spend some time helping walk dogs or helping with other shelter tasks, such as laundry or dishes. An hour or two each week makes a big impact. You can find all volunteer opportunities here. We also have opportunities to help enrich our dogs by participating in our weekly pack walks, which you can learn more about at this link. If you are a rescue who can help please reach out to our transfer coordinator Belle at Belle@apamo.org

If you find a stray pet, we ask that you hold the pet while their owner is located. Here are some steps to help them get home. Stray animals must be held several days to give their family an opportunity to be reunited. This time can be stressful and takes up valuable space needed to help other animals (and save more lives). Remember to make sure your pet has an ID tag with a good phone number and a microchip so, if lost, they can be reunited quickly. 

Finally, if you need to rehome your pet, please be understanding as we work to schedule a time for your pet to receive our help. Please understand this takes some time. If your need is urgent, tell us. We always help when we can and understand some situations require quick action. Otherwise, be patient and help us help you and your pet without negatively impacting our ability to help other animals. 

We recognize that this isn’t our usual positive, uplifting message, but because you care about the APA, and more importantly, because you love animals, we want to be transparent with what we are dealing with right now. Thank you so much for your understanding and support. By working together, we can help every pet who needs us. 

With Gratitude,

Sarah Javier