A Love Letter From APA Alum Snickers

Hi to all my friends at the APA! It’s Snickers, and I wanted to send you a note to tell you how I am doing. First, I want to thank everyone (especially the vets and others who spent so much time and attention on me) for helping me get better. I know I wasn’t always cooperative when you tried to give me pills, syringe feed me, and tried to get me to eat, but you all saved my life! I came to the APA with scars from flea bites, a positive heartworm test, and a hidden infection that didn’t show up right away. Even when I got so sick that I had to go to the hospital, you never gave up on me. Did you know you can help other pups like me by donating below? The APA is going to construct a new evaluation room. (After you donate, keep reading my story, it’s a good one).


Thanks for donating! Okay, okay, onto the good stuff. After Mom adopted me, she took me to my new vet because I was still coughing – and guess what! I still had some pneumonia. I had to take another month of medicines, but now I am all better and not coughing. I am also eating (like a horse, Mom says) and am now 21 lbs and my vet says I am looking good. My lungs, heart, and kidneys are all normal. I am eating regular Kibble – Purina ProPlan chicken and rice blend. I also like cantaloupe, watermelon, and dead worms.

I have been a very good boy. Mostly. Having covers for the wastebaskets has nothing to do with me. Mom had to lock the car windows – my paw landed on the button and I stuck my nose out as we drove down the highway. I thought that was great! Mom disagreed. And the poop on the living room rug? Well, that was when I was still sick. (OK, kid – I’ll give you that one. – Mom.)

I have about ten beds which include two sofas, a bunch of chairs, an ottoman covered with a soft blanket, Mom’s bed (there are steps), three beds of my very own with gel foam mattresses and an outdoor bed. I like to sit on Mom’s lap and look at the backyard through the big picture window, although more lap and a little less Mom would be more comfortable for me. (Watch it, Snickers! Keep in mind that fewer snacks for me mean fewer snacks for you. – Mom.) The only time Mom got upset with me on furniture was when I was lying on the top of the back of the sofa (which is not against a wall – just a long drop to the floor). She came inside and told me that lying up there was a no-no. So the next time she went out to work in the yard and came back in, I was standing on the sofa instead. (Good grief – that’s a fracture waiting to happen. – Mom)

I have two girlfriends. Eloise is a Cavachon who lives next door; she is 13 and a bit of a cougar – she can’t keep her nose away from my belly. Violet is a sheltie puppy who lives across the street – too much energy for me, but I’ll keep my options open. I have a big backyard but no fence, so Mom puts me on a very long leash so I can roam around while she sits in a chair. And inside the house, I am learning how to play with toys; I have two toy boxes full!

I like to jump up and down – especially when Mom figures out that I have to go outside or when I am hungry. You’d think I was on a pogo stick. Mom is worried that I will jump up just as she is bending over to attach my leash, and we will have a collision, but she is happy that I now have so much energy. My next big adventure will be something called a “bath” next week, and then in a few months, I will go back to the vet for a “dental,” whatever that is. In the meantime, I am happy in my forever home and wanted you all to know how I am doing. I am grateful for the love and care you gave me at the APA.

I hear you are turning 100! Happy Birthday. (Mom, again, letting you know you can donate in celebration of their birthday and success stories like Snickers here.) I hope to see you at the celebration.

Your Friend,  


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