She’s Very Loved

By: | January 22, 2015

MoxyI adopted an adorable Siamese-mix kitten from you in April 2012 and I know she and her littermates had been fostered, so I thought maybe the foster would like an update. Her name was Liz Lemon, I believe. Her name now is Moxy and she is darling…and big. The largest of my three guys. She’s very loved. Here are some photos. Thanks for all that you do!

Best Decision Ever!

By: | January 22, 2015

valentine_smallI came in looking for a cat to join me in my apartment last March. I started out looking at older ones and looking for a look that I liked. I picked out one and played with her but she just didn’t feel right. We asked the staff which cat was their favorite and they all immediately said “Oh Valentine!” We waited anxiously to see what was so good about this Valentine. Well pretty much everything was. She as immediately friendly and crawled into my lap and even rolled over to get her belly rubbed. We brought her home that day and I renamed her Sasha. I will admit it took me a week to really fully bond with her and love her. My mom has even told me she was afraid I would take her back. I can’t imagine ever getting rid of her now. She follows me around everywhere in my apartment. She comes running to the door when I get home, meowing like crazy. She loves hanging out when other people are around and just in general doesn’t care about anything. The most chill, amazing, loving, laid back, fun, playful, sweet cat ever. Everyone who has met her that doesn’t particularly like cats said they would love cats if they were all like her.

As I type this she is lying in bed next to me staring at me with her tongue hanging out. Her little face brightens my day.

Thank you for recommending a new best friend!


By: | January 22, 2015

PhotoFancie2013_01_26_11_23_33_smallFezzik is happy in his new home. Thanks so much!







Two New Fur Friends

By: | January 22, 2015

onyx-sheebaWe recently lost our kitty Smokey of 16 years. He was the last of the three cats that my children grew up with. With the children grown and no cats in the house it was just too empty and quiet. It’s been a whole month since our Smokey passed so my husband and I decided it was time to get another fur friend. We came in for just one cat and ended up adopting two. Onyx and Sheeba both won our hearts. The cats seem to be very grateful and happy and so are we.

Thank you so much APA and Petfinder for all your service

Emma Teaches Fosters the Ropes

By: | January 22, 2015

Lulu and Emma Shaming_smallI was just reading the “success story” section of the website, and thought I would give you guys an update on Shelby, the small pit bull that I adopted on 11/3/12. Her name is now Emma, and she has adjusted wonderfully to living in a home. She spends most of her time on my lap, napping in my bed (she is making up for all the time she spent in the shelter), out on walks through the neighborhood and showing our new foster dogs the ropes. She is sweet, gentle, INCREDIBLY smart and more affectionate than any dog I’ve ever met (she’s converted many of my friends to pit bull lovers). We are currently in training for her Canine Good Citizen award, and then we are going to pursue therapy dog training so she can come to work with me (I’m a social worker). She was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it’s all because of you guys! Thanks so much!