Open Your Heart and Open Your Home

Become a foster parent for cats and dogs not yet ready for a permanent residence.

The APA Adoption Center urgently needs individuals to provide foster care for cats and dogs who are admitted to the APA shelter, but who are not ready to be placed in permanent homes. These include kittens and puppies under the age of 8 weeks, dogs and cats in need of socialization or training and others who simply need temporary housing.

Interested foster parents must have experience taking care of animals and be willing to learn training and behavior modification. Requirements for participation are completion of an orientation or training session and a one-on-one interview with the APA’s foster care coordinator.

Fostering can last a few days to several months. Food, supplies and veterinary care are provided by the APA. Fosters must remain in weekly contact with the organization.

For more information, please emailĀ

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