The Perfect Fit for Our Family!

By: | January 22, 2015

kira3_smallMy husband and I were grieving over the loss of our Husky/Border Collie mix of 13 years, so we decided to adopt from the APA. When we got there, we found a young Lab Mix who had been returned after having been adopted just two days prior. Apparently, she has been left in an abandoned house, all alone. So, we decided to adopt the sweet little girl. When we got her home, she wasn’t sure where she was allowed to go to the bathroom or what she could and could not chew on. After getting her a kennel and working with her on potty training, she turned out to be a sweet girl with lots of love to give. Now, she regularly goes outside and loves to play and cuddle. She is such a sweet girl, who just needed time and love. I am so happy that she was available as she is the perfect fit for our family! Thank you for allowing us to mend our hearts a little and find a new companion to love!