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Winter 2017

Family Dog Saves Iraq Veteran

Kya is cherished for the companionship she brings to her family, especially Tim. Tim Wymore is a disabled veteran and Kya, a 4-year-old American Bulldog, is a loyal and loving companion. In 2004, Tim deployed with the United States Air Force to Balad, Iraq. During his tour he worked burn pits: landfills where waste was burned. Smoke billowed all day and seemed to linger with him even after the tour ended.

Shortly after returning home Tim suffered from a host of medical problems including a stomach tumor, abdominal problems, three lesions on his brain and a damaged esophagus. He started blacking out and couldn’t continue working. He’s taken up to 26 medications a day and has at times been confined to a wheelchair. He’s 50 years old, a husband and father to three sons. One night in his sleep Tim stopped breathing and their dog Kya woke his wife. They credit Kya with saving Tim’s life.

This past summer Kya was playing Frisbee in the yard with one of their sons when she tore her ACL. Compensating for one injured knee, soon after she tore her other ACL. Her first surgery was completed, but the expense of an additional surgery was more than the family could afford.

The APA centers around bringing people and pets together. Sometimes meeting that purpose means keeping people and pets together. The APA’s Head to Tails Hope Fund was able to pay for a portion of Kya’s surgery bills. We’re honored to help Kya and her family continued to live a happy and healthy life together. Thanks to an anonymous donor the Heads to Tails Hope Fund provided care to 27 dogs in 2016.

Watch Kya’s story here.

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Happy Tail: Roxanne’s Story

This little dog had quite the journey, going from shelter to shelter and finally finding her place, a very important one at that.

Roxanne is a Pointer mix puppy who was surrendered to the APA by her owner who could no longer take care of her. We were happy to have this little, energetic dog and were thrilled when she finally got adopted to a new family, after spending some time with us. Unfortunately, for this new family, Roxanne was their first dog and she was A LOT of dog to handle. She was very high energy, so again, Roxanne came back to the APA.

The APA is fortunate to work with some wonderful partners, The Animal Shelter of Texas County (TASTC) being one of those partners. TASTC was part of the Puppies for Parole program where the Department of Corrections partners with animal shelters throughout the state to pair rescued dogs with incarcerated offenders throughout prisons in the state of Missouri. This program is beneficial to the offenders because it gives them job skills, a sense of purpose and maintains good behavior among those in the program. It is also beneficial to the dogs because they get the one on one time they need. Dogs are often picked for the program because they are having a hard time getting adopted because of behavioral issues, mainly hyperactivity. This was the perfect program for Roxanne, so we transferred her to TASTC to become one of the Puppies for Parole.

During the six-week training course, Roxanne was assigned to an inmate and stayed with him in his cell. They worked on basic obedience, learning not to jump up on people and basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come and leave it. They practiced walking on a leash without pulling. During the program, Roxanne had a way to focus her energy and in the meantime, was quickly learning how to be a good family dog. She passed the class with flying colors.

Dogs participating in the Puppies for Parole program are available for adoption through the partnering shelters. Each correctional facility partners with a shelter that facilitates the adoptions. Luckily for Roxanne, soon after she completed her program the mother of an adult autistic son saw Roxanne and thought she might be a perfect fit as a companion to her son. They met and mingled and Roxanne and the son became fast friends. The family adopted Roxanne from TASTC and brought her home. Roxanne had a purpose again and a job to focus her energy on. The son had a buddy to depend on in times of need.

After all that time of Roxanne going from place to place, she finally found her true calling in life. Sometimes people say getting there is half the journey, and for Roxanne, that is definitely true.

Other Tidbits

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