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Summer 2017

Welcome Jen French

The APA has a new Community Programs Manager.

I am extremely excited to be a part of such an amazing program. Thank goodness we still have Jennifer Blome in our circle talking about the APA on her new radio show!

My professional background as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist coupled with my love for animals have prepared me for this very important position at the APA. I’m thrilled to be a part of this animal loving family. With our shared compassion for animals, I know we can help our community to make a difference!

I know each of our supporters are a vital part of our program and I want you all to know how much I respect and understand what it is to be a volunteer. My entire family loves animals and enjoys volunteering for the APA. My husband Jim, our daughter Katie and I have 3 adopted pets: two dogs, Buddy and Lucky and a bunny, Snickers. My family also enjoys fostering puppies and kittens for the APA. Our oldest daughter Elizabeth was recently married to Jacob and they reside in Austin, Texas with their dog Charlie.

Trivia PURRsuit

Reserve your table for the APA’s annual summer fundraiser at today!

Saturday, June 8th, 2019
St. Nicholas Family Life Center
Doors @ 6pm
Event @ 7pm

8 people to a table
$240 for GA table
$400 for VIP table
Single tickets also available


Foster A Friend

When a person decides to become a foster parent for a shelter or rescue group, their importance is invaluable.

Fostering is such an important component to the sheltering process. When placing young or sick animals into foster homes, we are able to elude certain communicable diseases by cutting back exposure time. At the APA, foster families are part of our team by providing love and care until the pet can be placed up for adoption. We like to think of it as a temporary home that’s bridging the gap between now and forever.

There’s something special about being able to volunteer in your own home, on your own time. In addition to that, you’re rewarded with plenty of puppy kisses and kitten snuggles! Fostering doesn’t just benefit the animals; it can also benefit humans by adding emotional wellness, purpose and physical activity to our everyday lives.

Recently the APA Foster Care Program has begun partnering with local senior living facilities such as Stonecrest Senior Living, Laclede Groves and Mount Carmel. Our hope is that by partnering with these senior facilities, we can give residents a purpose, implement healthy activities and bring more people and pets together.

Our puppies and kittens also benefit from the interaction with so many people on a daily basis and learn crucial socialization skills. Residents are able to spoil and cuddle puppies and kittens throughout the day, and we’ve found that the residents really enjoy getting to spend time with the animals and are even getting out of their rooms more often! That’s why we’ve dubbed this partnership Senior Saviors!

We’re always looking to add more foster families to our team and becoming a foster parent is easy! All you have to do is fill out an application online or at our Adoption Center, and our Foster Care Coordinator will be in contact with you to set up an orientation. The APA provides all of the supplies you may need such as food, kitty litter and other necessities to keep the foster pets in your care happy and healthy. In addition to providing supplies, the APA will also provide any medical treatment that may be needed. Being a foster is easy and great way to give back to the community. If you have questions about this program, feel free to contact

The Impact of the APA

Last year, you helped us save more lives than ever before. With the help of volunteers, donors and partners, thousands of vulnerable animals originating from places throughout Missouri are now safe.

It is the goal of the APA for every adoptable animal to find a loving home, and over the past year we accomplished this with over 2,500 animals in our care.

We did this together:

Plan Ahead for Pet Safety

By Deborah Bujnak, founder of All Things Bindle

We all plan ahead – plan for the start of school, plan a vacation, plan for retirement. And given where we live and our fast-changing weather, most families have an emergency “bug-out” kit – cash, batteries, canned food, medicines – to help manage during the unthinkable. But have you planned for the safety and welfare of your furry family?

More and more hotel and motel properties permit guests to bring their pets into the room. And if you are evacuated, municipalities and the federal government may provide emergency housing for your pets. BUT pet parents must do their part by having a pet “bug-out” kit ready to go, just in case. All Things Bindle offers the following handy checklist when preparing your pet’s travel or evacuation kit:

Remember – if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for them – never leave your pets behind!  Trying to pull these items together without electricity or in a panic is not a good time … plan ahead and you’ll never regret it. You can purchase your Bug-Out kit here and 50% of proceeds go to the APA!

Happy Tail: Emma The Beagle

By Pam Mahoney, APA Humane Educator & Volunteer

A beagle named Emma
Was searching for a home
We came to learn about her
From a lady named Miss Blome

Emma was a sick, sick pup
Who needed lots of care
She had some worms around her heart
This gave us all a scare

Young Emma took her medicine
Which made her want to rest
She slept and ate, and slept some more
To heal and feel her best

The days passed by for Emma
Who grew a whole lot stronger
Her sleepy days at the APA went on a little longer

One day a man named Peter took Emma for a walk
He loved her from the very start
From way within his heart

Now, Peter has two other pups, Miss Annie and Miss Lilly
And when they met Miss Emma, they thought she was so silly
Who was this tiny little pup who did not want to play
But wanted to just eat and sleep, each and every day

Peter loved Miss Emma
He took her to his home
And now he has three happy pups
To call his very own

Miss Emma grows by leaps and bounds
She loves her newfound home
To think this story all began
With a lady named Miss Blome

Emma sees her faithful friends
Tammy, Kim and Kayla
And she will surely strut her stuff, if ever there’s a gala

However, in the meantime
Emma loves to play
In her now forever home
Where she will always stay