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Spring 2017

Honors & Memorials

The APA Adoption Center gratefully acknowledges these special gifts of $50 and above from individuals, corporations and organizations received between January 15, 2017 and April 11, 2017. Multiple donations are recognized individually. Thank you for your generous gift to the animals! If you would like more information about these or other giving opportunities, please contact the Development Department at 314.645.4610.

Donations Made In Honor

Maryanne Barber
Janice Frisella
Diane Lacey
Rick & Linda Pearce
Elizabeth Roeseler
Tom Roeseler
Gracie, Hayden and Luci
Sharon & Denny Sienaski
Helen Anderson
Molly Martin
Jennifer Blome
Ashley Holmes
Raymond W. Peters
Larry Wadsack
Jan Wadsack
My Dog, Willie Nelson
Katherine Etheridge
Carolyn Bopp

Donations Made In Memory

Bagel and Cupcake Abbott
Jo Ann Koch
Laurie Stern
Beloved Uncle James T. Human
Kim Human
Benson Pemberton
Deborah Char
Bragi Tigger Tom
Richard Radford
Lynn Stupp
Cleo II
Dorothy & Lee Erickson
Ginny James
Dorothy & Lee Erickson
Caroline Herrera
Jane A. Otto
Georgia Johnson
Ruth Evans
Ginger Thevary
Teresa Thevary
Hank Overmann
Inky & Teddy
Ronald P. Kardell
Jacob Parsons
Alison Jenkinson
Maplewood Richmond Heights
Thomas & Carol Sanford
James T. Human
Charles C. Allen
Joyce Armstrong
Robert Falk
Jeff & Laura Fister
Andrew Formenti
Fred F. Guyton
Daniel Human
Patrick Human
Ann & Donald Kornblet
Stephen K. Lambright
Edward W. Martin
Fred & Marti Reichman
Mary B. Strauss
Frederick K. Tompkins
William B. Van Luven
John K. Wallace
Joseph and Cathleen Wildt
Cynthia Woolsey
Jim Human
Toni D. Bernotas
Robert & Deborah Dolgin
Paul & Laura Miller
Rita Sullivan
Stanley Wald
John Bickel, animal lover
Kathleen Kopriva
Kim Il Sun, Jill Eulenspigel and Chris Flier
Joe & Martha Lou Haddon
Kirsten Dierking
Patricia McKevitt
KittyKitty 3
Jo Ann Koch
Kurt Eisele
Donna and John Dopuch
Elaine Eisele
Guy Giudici
Christopher Kasate
Margie Kessler
Tony Neumann
Kari Niermann
Kathy Sauer
Eric Sengheiser
Brittany & Michael Woods
Kurt Eisele, Tito's Dad
Christina Sweeney
Kyle Mallett
Scott & Carla Bale
Linda Fox
Dennis J. Fox
Diane & Joe Garea
Alison Oswald
Tambra S. Whitley
Richard Hellwege
Martin Schweig Jr
Bendas Oriental Rug Co., Inc.
Bradley J. Bishop
B. W. Durham
Steve & Pam Kaufman
Jo Ann Koch
Sharon & Robert Pettus
Jan & Charlie Raiser
Nancy Rosenstock
Martin Schweig Jr.
Cathy Ditraglia
Mary Joan Paule
Carmody MacDonald
Kathy & Fred Kruger
Robert Kuhn
Mike and Joni Nichoalds
Leila Sadat
Max Amos
Carol Amos
Mickey and Minnie
Lesley A. Conklin
Mildred Figgemeier
Donna Hart
Nancy M. Thomas
John W. Thomas
Jean Light
Patricia A. Hernady
Beth Clanahan
Lindsay Myers
Maggie & Mike Ryan
Robert Weiss
Dale & Laurie Dendtler
Roberta Ann Scannell
Jane Schoonover
Rory Bischof
Tim Bischof
Karin Hornig
Sally Nixon
James & Linda Yust
Sassy Whitesocks Byrnes
Ellen Nicholson
Sheila Patricia (Hickey) Williams
Rich & Sally Jean Young
Connie Lasky
Craig & Catherine Claybaugh
Steven Olson
Carol Cain
Toi Toi-Chow 1935-1949
Richard Radford
Travis Hanrahan
B. W. Durham
Shari Sawyer
Victoria Francis
Ryan Bury
Susan & Lawrence Carafiol
Johnelle Hunt
Professional Women's Alliance
Matt and Amy Streeter
James Young
Wrigley Murray
Kendra Murray
Yadi and Mia
Mary & Mac McIntyre

Making a donation is a wonderful way to honor or remember a special friend, either person or pet. The APA Adoption Center offers naming opportunities and a plaque program for donors wishing to participate. For more information on these commemorative donations or other naming opportunities, please call Jessica at 314.645.4610 x 123.


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